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Massif Orcal
Massif Orcal.jpg
CampaignThe Season of Revelation
Mortal Empires
RegionThe Old World (region)
Starting factionDepends

Massif Orcal is a province introduced in Total War: Warhammer, as part of The Season of Revelation campaign. This Greenskin settlement lies in the heart of Bretonnia, surrounded by enemies.

In the Doomsayers Update for Total War: Warhammer II, it was added to Mortal Empires.


The sheer cliffs of the Massif Orcal rise above the wild Forest of Châlons and mark the beginning of a rocky highland occupied by Orcs and other monsters.

It is a barren, desolate place, a blighted region almost devoid of life. Scraggly pines cling to some of the upper heights, and equally sickly-looking brambles creep about the lower slopes, vainly trying to wrest moisture from the thin layer of soil that powders the rocks. It is a miserable region, shunned by the men of Bretonnia. There is no game to be hunted, no mineral wealth to be wrested from the mountains, no fertile land to claim and build upon. Only orcs and goblins call this place home, foul remnants of the once great hordes that had been scoured from the lands of Bretonnia during the founding of the kingdom. The ruined battlements of old watchtowers and keeps built long ago to guard against the threat of Greenskins sometimes loom into view, slowly crumbling away upon distant hilltops, forlorn reminders of a time when the goblins could still sometimes muster great armies to despoil the lands of Quenelles and Bastonne.[1]


The Season of Revelation[]

Settlement Type Port Starting faction Resources Special buildings
Massif Orcal Province capital Deff Grindaz Tribe
Orquemont Minor Resource gold.png Gold

Mortal Empires[]

Settlement Type Port Climate Starting faction Resources Special buildings
Massif Orcal Province capital Mountain Broken Axe (when playing as Broken Axe)
Stone Troll Quarry