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The money panel at the start of a High Elves (Lothern) campaign. Click the image to expand.

Icon income.pngMoney is the basic strategic resource of the campaign. Factions get income per turn, as well as a total treasury of saved money. Money is spent on maintaining and recruiting units, constructing buildings and more.

Dark Magic and Favour[edit | edit source]

Money is called Favour for Warriors of Chaos/Beastmen and Dark Magic for Vampire Counts, but is essentially the same.

  • Treasury Chaos.png - Treasury symbol for Warriors of Chaos and Beastmen
  • Treasury VC.png - Treasury symbol for Vampire Counts
  • Icon income chaos.png - Money symbol for Warriors of Chaos and Beastmen
  • Military spending VC.png - Money symbol for Vampire Counts

Earning money[edit | edit source]

See our guide to maximizing money.

Income[edit | edit source]

Icon income plus.pngIncome is how much money a faction is getting per turn. Your faction's income can be seen at the top center of the screen. A positive income adds money to your treasury (see below) every turn, while a negative income takes money out of your treasury every turn. Ideally you want a positive income. However it's sometimes OK to have a negative income so long as your treasury does not run out (see below).

Background Income[edit | edit source]

Background income is the base amount of income you get, even without anything else generating money for you. Background income changes depending on the difficulty level chosen at the start of the campaign.

Tax[edit | edit source]

Provinces you control can be taxed by checking the tax box on the province panel on the left. Tax income is mainly generated by economic buildings and by ports. The tax income a building generates is shown when the cursor is placed over its icon on the province panel.

  • Tax is the primary form of income for most factions.
  • You only get tax income from settlements you control in a province.
  • A province may be excluded from paying tax on the Province Info panel to improve Icon growth.pnggrowth and Icon public order.pngpublic order there. This can be useful if a province is close to rebelling or you only just conquered it.

Trade[edit | edit source]

Main article: Trade.

Trade agreements can be made with friendly factions, which provides income depending on the resources each faction has.

Upkeep[edit | edit source]

Upkeep is the cost of maintaining lords, heroes and armies of units. Upkeep is the main factor which reduces your income, though there are others.

Treasury[edit | edit source]

The Icon treasury.pngtreasury is your store of money. This is where you draw money from to pay for buildings and recruit new units. If your treasury reaches 0, then you are bankrupt.

Loot[edit | edit source]

After a victorious battle, players get loot (sometimes called post-battle loot), which is a lump sum of money to your treasury. For some factions, this is their main form of getting money. Some post-battle options increase loot, as do some traits, abilities, items etc.

Sacking[edit | edit source]

Main article: Settlement options.

After conquering an enemy settlement, one of the available options is usually to sack it. This adds a lump sum to your treasury.

Bankruptcy[edit | edit source]

A faction will feel the effects of bankruptcy should it's treasury run out of money. Icon public order.pngPublic order will suffer greatly, and unpaid troops will desert their armies. This status will continue until a positive cash balance is restored - preferably permanently.