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Icon book monsters.pngThe Monstrous Arcanum is an ancient book available to Norsca and Wintertooth in campaign, which contains unique monster hunt missions.

These quests are unlocked via the Norscan technology tree, and have various powerful rewards such as unique items, banners and Regiments of Renown. All Monster Hunts give the player 10000 money as a reward.

The technologies required to unlock Monster Hunts are:

  • Monster Hunter: Unlocks level 1
  • One With Beasts: Unlocks level 2
  • Master of Beasts: Unlocks level 3

In May 2018, four new monster hunts were added as part of the Resurgent Update for Total War: Warhammer II. These are not available in the first game.

List of Monster Hunts[]

Level Name Monster Type Final Location Rewards Notes Quest
Level 1 Frigustrex, Scion of the Cold Void Frost-Wyrm Troll Country Ancient Frost-Wyrm Scale (Item)
The Cold-Voider (RoR)
Monster Hunt: Scion of the Cold Void
The Salzenmund Soul-Eaters Cygors Giant Cygor Eyeball (Item)
Traygard Mountain-Cleaver Dragon Ogre Shaggoth Dragon Ogre's Great Horn (Item)
Level 2 Brood-Queens of Karak Azul Arachnarok Spiders Arachnarok Eggs (Item)
Blorgar the Mad Titan Norscan Giant Stinky Giant's Club (Item)
Radixashen, Serpent of the World Roots Forest Dragon Forest Dragon Fang (Item)
Level 3 The Great Mawherd of Bloodfjord Feral Mammoths Last of the Great Mawherd (Banner)
The Great Mawherd of Bloodfjord (RoR)
The Abyssal Shrieker Terrorgheist Terrorgheist Skull (Item)
Mother of the Flame Flamespyre Phoenix Burning Phoenix Pinion (Item) Added in Resurgent Update
Gargantulzan Feral Carnosaur Carnosaur Skull (Item) Added in Resurgent Update
The Beast of Raema War Hydra Hydra Head (Item) Added in Resurgent Update
The Hellbeast of Seep-Gore Hell Pit Abomination Warpstone Teeth (Item) Added in Resurgent Update