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"Gilles the Unifier and his Companions may have fought here on horseback, but we cannot match their achievements. We must fight as we can, against the same foes, with the same courage."

Duke Folcard of Montfort.[1a]

Montfort is a minor Bretonnia faction introduced in Total War: Warhammer. It only appears in the Season of Revelation mini-campaign, as in the Grand Campaigns it is combined with Bastonne.

The ruler of the combined Bastonne is also listed as Bohemond.


The Dukedom of Montfort is a founding Dukedom that lies upon the eastern borders of Bretonnia, along the central spine of the Grey Mountains. Stretching from the Gisoreux Gap to the north and Axe Bite Pass to the south, the Dukedom of Montfort acts as the central buffer state between the lands of Bretonnia and those within the Empire of Man. Almost all of Montfort lies within the Grey Mountains, with what little arable land being devoted totally to agriculture.[1a]

As such, the communities living within Montfort are seasoned mountaineers, used to the harsh environment and the constant threat of Greenskin raids all along its territory. This of course only makes the Montfortians a very tough people, but this toughness comes at the cost of having an extreme degree of xenophobia. Mortfortians are very welcoming of Human outsiders, but anything that is less than Human, such as Dwarfs or Halflings are eyed with extreme prejudice and hate.[1]


The Season of Revelation


  • The Wardens of Montfort owe their name to this duchy. There, the mounted yeoman are used frequently to guard the mountain passes to the Empire. They are the eyes and ears, ready to scatter back to their lord should a force be invading