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Mortars is a Vampire Coast artillery unit in Total War: Warhammer II. What a Mortar may lack in sheer stopping power compared to cannons, it makes up with pure vicious, explosive destruction.


Mortars are short, heavy weapons, designed to lob a hollow, explosive shell high into the air so that it drops onto its target. While a solid cannon ball may plough through several victims, a Mortar shell explodes with tremendous force, scattering razor sharp shrapnel over a wide area and scything through whole ranks of enemy warriors. Firing a Mortar is always a tense moment, for the quality of fuses is highly variable and it is not unknown for one to burn through before the crew have finished loading the shell. As a result, Mortar crews tend to be superstitious and carry a large number of good luck charms about their person.



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Very inexpensive with a high trajectory that will clear any terrain/walls and blow to pieces lightly armoured targets. Just pin the targets with whatever you have at hand and shell away. Only high armor and high-hp/low-model count units can endure more than few volleys.