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Mounts are animals, monsters or chariots/war machines which characters can ride into battle.

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How mounts work[]

Mounts usually increase/change the statistics of a character unit. In some cases, they may confer new abilities to the unit (such as Dragon mounts which confer breath attack abilities).

A character's unit description will change to reflect their mount. For instance a Grey Seer mounted on a Screaming Bell will be listed as a war-machine instead of infantry. A Bretonnian Paladin mounted on a Barded Warhorse will be listed as a cavalry unit rather than infantry.

In the campaign, many characters can unlock mounts in their skill tree, as they rank up. Mounts can be assigned to characters on the character info screen along with items, followers and such.

In online matchmaking multiplayer and custom battles, mounts can be selected for an extra cost.