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Natty Buboe's Sharpshooters (Warplock Jezzails) is a Skaven Regiment of Renown missile infantry unit in Total War: Warhammer II. They may be literally falling apart at the seams, but this rag-tag band share a dead-eyed accuracy that's hard to beat.


Natty Buboe- many clans claim to be the best shot with a Warplock Jezzail, but there are a multitude of Skaven legends that speak of Natty Buboe, a Clan Mors sharpshooter with the skill to put a bullet through the skull of a Dwarf Engineer using a telescope at a distance measuring over 7,000 paces. The Dwarves reportedly refused to admit that a Skaven was able to outreach them in terms of firepower, so a veritable conga line's worth of Dwarves stood at the same telescope, letting the sniper earn a plethora of kills.


  • Good Range: This unit has a larger range than most other units of the same class. This allows it to take out hostile missile units before they can come into firing range.
  • Armour-Piercing Missiles: The damage of armour-piercing weapons mostly ignores the armour of the target, making them the ideal choice against heavily-armoured enemies. They are often heavier and attack at a slower rate though, making them less efficient against poorly-armoured targets.
  • Damage Dealer: This unit has a strong emphasis on dealing damage. If fighting it, make sure to take it out before it can get into firing or melee range.


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Jezzails with stalk (very difficult to see unless up close) and snipe (shooting does not reveal their position). This makes them an incredibly long range unit that can't be seen unless your enemy has units close. Which means they can't be countered by other missiles. For this reason, Natty Buboes are an incredibly costly and difficult unit to deal with. Skaven should do everything they can to protect and obscure their position while the unit deals maximum damage without fear of reprisals.