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Norsca dlc.jpg
General Information
DLC TypeRace Pack (decreased price)
Release Date10th August, 2017
Us.gif USD$9.99
Europeanunion.gif EUR€9.99
Gb.gif GBP£7.99

Norsca (DLC) is a Race Pack DLC for Total War: Warhammer. It was the last DLC released for that game.


Adds Norsca as a playable race in campaign, custom battles and multiplayer. This includes:

For more details on the unique features of Norsca, please see our page on them.

Other details[]

Early Adopter Bonus[]

This DLC was offered by Creative Assembly and SEGA as part of an "early adopter" bonus for Total War: Warhammer II. Any customers who pre-ordered TWW2 or purchased it within the first week of release would get the Norsca DLC included with their purchase, for no additional cost.[1][2]

Delayed inclusion in Total War: Warhammer II[]

The Mortal Empires update was an update for Total War: Warhammer II that made all the old TWW1 races compatible with the new game (if players owned both games). Unfortunately due to a serious technical issue, Norsca were not included in the Mortal Empires update. Norsca became playable in Mortal Empires with the Resurgent Update (May 31, 2018).