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Norsca or the Norscan Peninsula is a region in the far north, a cold and mountainous peninsula which is home to many dangerous beasts. Norsca is inhabited by the Norscans, hardy Chaos-worshipping humans. Due to the cold climate and wild monsters, armies take attrition in Norsca (except Warriors of Chaos and Norscan armies). In Total War:Warhammer only Norscan factions can colonize/occupy settlements in Norsca-in Total War: Warhammer 2 most factions can colonize/occupy settlements but have climate related penalties. Due to its northern location, Norsca experiences high levels of Chaos Corruption and high Winds of Magic.

The Norsca region appears in the Old World campaign (from Total War: Warhammer) and in Mortal Empires in its entirety. In the Eye of the Vortex Campaign (from Total War: Warhammer 2) only a small part of it appears. It does not appear in either the Season of Revelation mini-campaign or the Beastmen mini-campaign Eye for an Eye.

In TWW2, Norsca has a Chaotic Wasteland climate while nearby areas are Frozen and Mountain. In Mortal Empires, province capitals in the Norscan Peninsula have only 6 building slots, in contrast to 8 for most other province capitals in the campaign.

Norsca has 7 provinces:

The Gianthome Mountains and Troll Country are nearby.

Ironfrost Glacier and Aghol Wastelands are similar provinces.