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Norsca and Wintertooth use a different colonisation/settlement system to other races and factions.

They are not affected by the regional occupation system in Total War: Warhammer, and only minimally affected by climate in Total War: Warhammer II.

How it works[edit | edit source]

  • Marauder Outposts can be constructed in coastal (ie: port) settlements outside of the Norscan peninsula. They have a limited range of buildings available.

Techs[edit | edit source]

Additionally, occupying racial capitals (requires building at least the first building in the settlement chain) unlocks technologies in the Norsca tech tree.

  • Occupied Miragliano in Tilea (province): Secrets of War & Coin
  • Occupied Couronne in Couronne: Secrets of Grape & Grain
  • Occupied Karaz-a-Karak in The Silver Road: Secrets of Mining & Machinery
  • Occupied Altdorf in Reikland: Secrets of Steel & Magic
  • Occupied Castle Drakenhof in Eastern Sylvania: Secrets of Necromancy
  • Occupied Black Crag/Karak Drazh in Death Pass: Secrets of Gork & Mork

Added in Total War: Warhammer II:

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