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"In Numas they know my name and welcome me, but I am one of a handful of people that is allowed passage through the city gates. In Numas, life has returned to the desert and once again crops grow around the city. Numas is a marvellous place, and over many centuries the pyramids have been restored to their former glory."

Trader Suli, Extract from the Tales from the Oasis[2b]
This page is about the faction. For the settlement of the same name, see Ash River.

Numas is a minor Tomb Kings faction introduced in Total War: Warhammer II in the Tomb Kings update.

In both Eye of the Vortex and Mortal Empires, they start just to the east of Khemri.


Numas, the Scarab City, is one of the few cities within Nehekhara that still bear the living within its walls. It was built originally before the time of Settra, thousands of years ago, by King Khesek. This dates it as one of the first human cities ever to be built. It is located near Khemri, further up the Great Mortis River towards its source. It was originally built due to its proximity to very fertile lands just south of the Great Mortis River and north of the Ash River. This location encouraged its foundation and its people were fed in plenty.

Settra, during his reign, conquered Numas and forced it to pay him tribute. As soon as Settra died, however, it rebelled against the grip of its former master and succeeded in gaining freedom. Until the time of Nagash, it was conquered and reconquered by Khemri but could never be held. Then, when Nagash took hold of Khemri, an alliance of the cities of Numas, Zandri, Mahrak, Lybaras and Rasetra fought together to free the land from his tyranny. The king of Lahmia, King Lahmizzar, led this alliance but eventually the allied cities fractured and fought against one another, seeking each others wealth. Later in the sixth dynasty, under King Alkhazzar I, Numas was conquered by Khemri again. From then on, it remained a part of the kingdom of Nehekhara forever. After the awakening, the Tomb Kings of Numas fought amongst themselves to regain the city. There was no peace in Numas until Settra had awoken, and upon taking control, sent all of the lesser kings back to their tombs to await his call.

Sometime afterwards, a nomadic tribe called the Scythans came upon the city and saw Prince Tutankhanut of Numas as a manifestation of their God. In reverence, the nomads pledged themselves to the Prince, tending to the crops which feed their people and in return, Prince Tutankhanut now rules over a living city which he guards ferociously. Such is their devotion to Tutankhanut that they often fight in his service and should one of their numbers die, their body would be ritually picked over by vultures and their bones taken to the necropolis so that they may serve their God for all eternity.

Starting territory[]

Eye of the Vortex

Mortal Empires

Diplomatic traits[]

  • Reliable - What is agreed is set in stone. It is highly unlikely that this one will break a treaty or go back on an agreement.
  • Sated king - Those with grand ambitions who lust for power are always the first to fall.
  • Climate is irrelevant - The dead are everywhere, only the living need concern themselves with the environnement.
  • Power is everything - It is something to aspire to; to see great power wielded so absolutely


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Numas is either swallowed by Settra early on or manages to survive until a large empire like the Greenskins or Skaven sweep in. For the player, they are generally benign and only occupy a few settlements. They likely will have two full stacks of skeleton warriors, so at the least be prepared for numbers if you engage them.