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Not to be confused with Ogre Mercenaries

Ogre Kingdoms is a playable race introduced in Total War: Warhammer III.

Ogre Kingdoms are the Early Adopter Bonus for TWW3, meaning they will be given free to people who preorder the game, or buy in the first week after release. After this, they will be available to purchase separately as paid DLC.

How They Play[]

  • Ogres can set up camps, settlements near existing settlements. The major camps will be the major settlements, while existing settlements (including capitals) act as minor camps and will have less building slots. New camps can be established through tech research, and new buildings require population surplus.
  • Ogre Lords can complete any one of four quests to achieve any of the Big Names, which grant bonuses.
  • Receive contracts from other factions you are not at war with, for rewards.
  • A unique resource, Meat which is used for various purposes.
  • A unit roster which is mostly comprised of large, hard-hitting monsters, along with some smaller Gnoblar units. No flying units.


In ancient times, the Ogres were forced to abandon their homelands in the Far East, after a comet impact created the Great Maw and turned their home into a corrupted desert. After a Great Migration westwards, they destroyed the civilisation of the Sky-Titans, scattering the survivors who went on to become the Giants of today. The Ogres eventually settled in the Mountains of Mourn, establishing the Ogre Kingdoms.

The Kingdoms are inhabited mostly by the namesake Ogres, a race of large humanoids, and Gnoblars, a small type of Greenskin. Ogres are tall and broad, easily the size of a Troll, and much larger than a man or elf. They are violent, tough, always hungry, and typically more intelligent than Greenskins (though not by much). Gnoblars are small and cowardly, being even more pathetic than their Goblin cousins, but vicious and large in number. They serve the Ogres as slaves, and often snacks.

Ogre culture revolves mostly around eating and violence, and cannibalism is common and accepted. Their primary god, The Great Maw, is a cruel deity of unending hunger and is worshipped with great bloody feasts overseen by Slaughtermasters - Ogres who are part cook, part wizard, and part priest. A secondary god is the Fire Mouth, a volcano worshipped by the Firebellies.

Each Ogre Kingdom is ruled by a Tyrant, whose domain extends as far as he can see in the valleys of the Mountains if Mourn. The current Overtyrant of the Ogre Kingdoms is Greasus Goldtooth, a particularly canny and obese Ogre who has managed to convince most other Ogres that gold is as valuable as food. Greasus extracts tribute from trade caravans on the Ivory Road, and has become incredibly wealthy as a result.

Ogres also have a great wanderlust, and Ogre mercenaries, known as Maneaters, can be found in camps across the world. Ogres are pragmatic and unscrupulous, they will work for anyone who can pay in gold, or, preferably, in food. Should payments stop they will immediately depart or, in some cases, eat their former employers.

The Ogre Kingdoms are unique in that most units in their army are monstrous infantry (such as the Ogres themselves, and Yhetees), though they are also accompanied by various beasts of the mountains such as Rhinoxen and Sabretusks, and of course Gnoblars.


Ogre Kingdoms factions are normal, non-horde factions who occupy settlements and control provinces.

Playable factions[]

In campaign there are two playable Ogre Kingdoms racial factions, each with its own starting position, and led by separate Legendary Lord. See individual pages for faction-specific info.

Minor factions[]

Total War: Warhammer III

Factions introduced in The Realm of Chaos campaign:

In Battle[]


The majority of units in the Ogre Kingdoms unit roster are monstrous infantry, monstrous cavalry or monsters, which sets them apart from other races.


Ogre Kingdoms had access to 3 lores of magic, one of which is unique to their lore:

In the Campaign[]


Ogre Camps are special settlements that can be created anywhere by an Ogre Kingdoms army. These can level up to settlement level 5, and can contain the full range of Ogre Kingdoms buildings. In a similar manner to hordes, Camp buildings require population surplus to construct/upgrade.

In a similar manner to Black Arks, Camps can hold units which can be exchanged with an Ogre Kingdoms army.

Ogre Kingdoms factions can also colonise and take regular settlements on the campaign map as well, however these will only ever be minor Ogre settlements, which can only be upgraded to level 3 and have only 4 building slots - even if it's the province capital.

Should another faction be near an ogre camp, and not be at war with the owner, they may recruit ogre bulls as mercenaries.


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Big Names[]

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