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An Ogre Mercenaries camp

Not to be confused with Ogre Kingdoms, a playable race introduced in Total War: Warhammer III.

Ogre Mercenaries are a campaign gameplay mechanic added for free to Total War: Warhammer II in July 2021.

They can be downloaded for free on Total War Access.

How it works[]

Ogre Mercenary Camps have a chance to spawn on the campaign map whenever a battle, siege, sacking or razing of a settlement takes place. These will be indicated by an orange glowing circular Maw symbol appearing at a location on the campaign map.

Move one of your armies into the camp, and a dilemma: Talking With Tyrants, will appear that gives you the option to pick between a few different tribes. After you select one, those units will appear for you to recruit - there is an Ogre Mercenaries recruitment button Merc pool ogre icon.png in the bottom center of the screen.

Any faction may recruit Ogre Mercenaries. So this is a way for factions to get access to ranged units or monster units that they otherwise would not have. They can be very effective. However, Ogre Mercenaries cost a lot of money to recruit and upkeep, and they will leave immediately if you are unable to continue paying their upkeep.

Ogre Mercenaries unit roster[]

An Ogre Maneater

Ogre units have the Ogre Charge passive ability. They are all Monstrous Infantry or Monstrous Cavalry.

Introduced in Total War: Warhammer II[]


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