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An Ogre Mercenaries camp

Not to be confused with Ogre Kingdoms, a playable race introduced in Total War: Warhammer III.

Ogre Mercenaries are a campaign gameplay mechanic added for free to Total War: Warhammer II in July 2021.

They can be downloaded for free on Total War Access.

How it works[]

Ogre Mercenary Camps have a chance to spawn on the campaign map whenever a battle, siege, sacking or razing of a settlement takes place. These will be indicated by an orange glowing circular Maw symbol appearing at a location on the campaign map with the Ogre Mercenaries Arrive notification popping up.

Move one of your armies into the camp, and a dilemma: Talking With Tyrants, will appear that gives you the option to pick between a few different tribes. After you select one, those units will appear for you to recruit - there is an Ogre Mercenaries recruitment button Merc pool ogre icon.png in the bottom center of the screen.

Any faction may recruit Ogre Mercenaries. So this is a way for factions to get access to ranged units or monster units that they otherwise would not have. They can be very effective. However, Ogre Mercenaries cost a lot of money to recruit and upkeep, and they will leave immediately if you are unable to continue paying their upkeep.

Ogre Mercenaries unit roster[]

An Ogre Maneater

Ogre units have the Ogre Charge passive ability. They are all Monstrous Infantry or Monstrous Cavalry.

Introduced in Total War: Warhammer II[]


Due to the fact that Ogre Mercenaries have instant recruitment, they are often saved for panic situations where the player sees an approaching army at an undefended location and must hire a lord and create an instant army. They function similar to Regiments of Renown in this way. Since Regiments of Renown will replenish their available recruitment and Ogre Mercenaries will not (until the player generates more ogre camps), it can be an efficient strategy to first use RoR units for "panic armies" and save the Ogres as the truly last resort when your RoR units are not available.

The Ogres themselves range from mediocre to powerful. The pistols and cavalry are very useful, while the infantry is somewhat soft and prone to dying or routing against ranged fire or spearmen/halberds. They have good mass however and can provide some necessary bulk in a panic army. The pistols have surprisingly high range and good armor-pierceing damage, while the cavalry are also armor-piercing with great mass.

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