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Orc Shaman is a Greenskins melee infantry unit in Total War: Warhammer. Shamans practice the art of annoyance - peppering their enemies with frustrating, painful and distracting spells.


An Orc Shaman is a living conduit to Gork and Mork and can wield such arcane might that even the cruellest old Warbosses have to be impressed. The power of a Shaman comes not just from the Winds of Magic, or "da Great Green" as Greenskins know it, but also from the raw energy radiated by their fellow Orcs. As they advance into battle, the Waaagh! energy rises, allowing a Shaman to focus that force through the power of his mind. What erupts out of the Shaman are spells as brutal as the Orcs themselves. Shamans have been known to cause a foe's brains to burst out of his skull, to shoot death beams out of their own beady eyes or to summon an almighty green foot from the skies to stomp and squish any unfortunate enough to be caught underneath it. By using the awesome powers of Greenskin magic to destroy an enemy, Orc Shamans earn the right to their eccentricities.







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The Orc shaman is a decent wizard hero. They provide utility that can make the aggression of the orcs that much more deadly. Their spells can outright destroy the enemy or amplify the boyz to crump gits even harder. Shamans are fairly slow and remain so even when on a warboar. They can be quite vulnerable if your enemy sets their mind to engaging them. Notably, the unit hits hard and has a good melee attack at the cost of their melee defence. They are still an orc after all.