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"All the nobles ride Pegasus and so forget that the rest of us need roads to get around. Double all travel time estimates if you want to be sure."

—Eldegar of Busreq, Coachman[1]

Parravon is a minor Bretonnia faction introduced in Total War: Warhammer. It is led by Cassyon and can be found in the northeastern parts of Bretonnia, close to the borders of Athel Loren and The Empire.


The Dukedom of Parravon is a founding Dukedom that lies upon the southern reaches of the Grey Mountains. Forming one of the three ducal barriers between the lands of the Empire and other Ducal lands, Parravon commands the southern territories centered around the Grey Lady Pass (Helmgart in game), one of three routes that allows trade between Bretonnia and the Empire. Just like the Dukedoms of Montfort and Gisoreux, the Dukedom of Parravon lies almost exclusively upon the rocky peaks of the southern Grey Mountains, with what little flatland being devoted to agriculture.

As such, many of Parravon's castles are built upon cliffs and peaks amongst the mountain range. Such a high altitude has ensured that Parravon is particularly noted for having a large number of Pegasi and Pegasus Knights amongst their ranks. Indeed, for their founding Duke had befriended the noble Glorfinial, lord and sire of all Royal Pegasus. Their current ruler is the young Duke Cassyon.

Adorning the family standard of the Dukes of Parravon is the pegasus rampant, the ultimate symbol of wealth for any Knight fortunate enough to acquire one. This Heraldry was adopted by Lord Agilgar, first Duke of Parravon and one of the famed Companions of Gilles the Uniter. It is said to be a likeness of his winged steed Glorfinial, lord and sire of all Royal pegasi, whom he befriended. It was atop his friend Glorfinial that Agilgar was carried into the Fifth Great Battle – the liberation of Parravon – paving his way to Companionhood by his actions that day.[2]

Starting provinces[]

The Old World / Mortal Empires
The Season of Revelation


Starting agreements[]

Mortal Empires:

Diplomatic traits[]

Mortal Empires / The Old World:

  • Defensive
  • Distrusts the Empire


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  • The Remnants of Bregonne Rogue Army are inspired by Marcel of Parravon. He was a lord who uprooted his household and sailed to Lustria, founding the settlement of Bregonne. There, he raided artifacts from some Lizardmen, who attacked to regain their artifacts. This army is the remnants of that town, led by the Brettonian on a quest for vengance.
  • It is the combination of two dukedoms from the tabletop, Parravon and Quenelles. They appear separately in the Season of Revelation campaign.
  • Markus de Mandelot (formerly Markus Kruber) from the Vermintide games has ties to Parravon, his ancestor Foricarl de Mandelot being an influential noble in the dukedom.