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Patch 1.12.1 is a patch released for Total War: Warhammer II on September 8, 2021.

It contains bug fixes and balance tweaks, and directly follows The Hammers & Herdstones Update. At the same time, a beta went live where players can test out balance changes to cavalry units.

Patch notes[]

General changes[]

  • Fixed issues with collision models on Chariots which were causing them to be overpowered.
  • Area of Effect spells no longer affect units outside of their effect range.
  • Fixed an issue where entities moving into a wizard casting a magic missile spell can cause that character to cast it again.
  • When a mod gives foreign slots to a faction that does not have them, the game no longer crashes on load.


Khazrak & Morghur[]

  • Khazrak and Morghur can no longer re-emerge after their death.
  • Fixed a bug where Khazrak couldn’t use his abilities when mounted on a Tuskgor Chariot.
  • Khazrak now gives Razorgor Chariots vanguard deployment.


  • Juggernaut raiding stance no longer takes away the movement range increase from razing a settlement.
  • A maximum of 50 Rampage can be earned through a single battle now, regardless of how many are fought. This prevents an infinite rampage bug where 150 rampage can be gained in a single battle.
  • In the Mortal Empires Campaign, the objective to either Raze of Control Settlements now ticks off correctly.


  • Fixed an issue where Kadon Unleashed would not unlock when requirement conditions were met.
  • Defiled Bloodground regions don’t move to a new Bloodground in case of overlap when establishing a new Bloodground
  • Fixed an issue in Beastmen Co-op campaigns where a partner upgrading their starting Herdstone would prevent the user from upgrading theirs.
  • Tuskgor Chariot mounted Heroes now count towards the hero cap.



  • Sanctum defence missions now display the correct amount.
  • Increased frequency of Medium/Hard Visions spawning.
  • Final Quest Battle will no longer expire.


  • All appropriate Horde Buildings within Nakai’s faction now correctly effect new units and increase Skink Oracle Capacity.


  • Made improvements to Coatl melee animations.
  • Fixed a bug where the Skink Oracle on the Troglodon was firing a double volley of the Troglodon’s venom spit whilst on the move.
  • Temple of the Old Ones ritual now increases Skink Oracle capacity.


  • Fixed an issue where in Grom’s Final Battle the player would be unable to control their units.

Vampire Counts[]

  • Removed duplicate Wight King button from the Hero Recruitment UI.
  • Kevin von Lloydstein now correctly equips either Skeletal Steed mount when purchased via his skill tree.

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