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The province of Ellyrion, as seen in the Eye of the Vortex campaign. Note the 3 settlements, and forest/grassland terrain.

Provinces are large land areas which the campaign map is divided into. In turn, provinces are divided into local regions which each contain a settlement. Provinces are not waterways.

Provinces contain up to four settlements. Control of a province can be split between multiple factions, each ruling over the settlements/local regions they hold.

In Total War: Warhammer, control of provinces was limited by the regional occupation system. In Total War: Warhammer II, this was replaced by the climate system. However even in TWW2, some races still have limitations on which provinces/settlements they can control.

Provinces also have various kinds of terrain, some of which may be difficult for armies to cross, or even cause attrition.


  • A province and its population must be managed by the factions in power there.
  • Horde factions do not control settlements, but still invade and attack provinces. Their horde armies act as mobile settlements for them.
  • Settlements within a province produce taxes for the faction that controls them.
  • Control over an entire province grants a public order bonus, as well as the ability to issue commandments which offer province-wide bonuses.
  • Provinces are affected by corruption.


Not to be confused with region (lore).

Each settlement in a province has its own region surrounding it. This means that in effect, each province is sub-divided into 1 or more regions. This is relevant for some items, followers etc that only affect the local region where the character is, or which say "all regions in province" meaning it affects the entire province regardless of who owns those regions. When players capture a settlement, they now own the region around it and it counts as their territory for the purposes of recruitment and other effects (eg: Great Incantation of Khsar).

List of provinces[]

To see the layout of provinces, consult the campaign map. Each different campaign has its own map and different provinces, see the article on campaigns for a list of campaigns.

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