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Ptra's Necrotect
Tmb necrotect campaign 03 0.png
FactionTomb Kings Khemri.png
CategoryUnique hero Icon hero.png
Unit size1

Ptra's Necrotect Necrotect.png is a unique hero Icon hero.png for the Tomb Kings Khemri.png racial factions introduced in Total War: Warhammer II and which may only be recruited via the Great Incantation of Ptra rite.

It is capable of colonising ruins Icon Marker Settlement.png at level 3 Tier 3.png instead of the usual level 1 Tier 1.png, and at a fraction of the cost instead of the usual 2500 coins (assuming a straight-up colonisation without an army unit contribution).

It may provide a huge strategic advantage when deployed efficiently, specially since using its only hero action will kill it.

In-game description[]

This Necrotect's one aim is to spend his Unlife colonising a ruined settlement, a power given to him through the Rite of the Great Incantation of Ptra.

Hero Actions[]

  • Colonise ruins


  • None


  • None


  • Use Ptra's Necrotect to rush a settlement main building, for example, on your battle front to follow-up with defence or more powerful unit recruitment buildings.
  • It is more efficient to colonise a province capital.
  • Protect your Ptra's Necrotect because it can be wounded or even assassinated.
  • You can have more than one Ptra's Necrotect on your campaign map at the same time but you are probably better off deploying it as soon as possible to maximise your strategic advantage.
  • Ptra's Necrotect serves no other purpose other than rush a settlement main building because it is its single hero action, has no abilities or attributes and cannot be embedded into an army.