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Quests Event Mission Neutral.png are optional lore-based open-ended events which enable legendary lords Icon Army.png to obtain their exclusive itemsEquipment Items Weapon Small.pngor facilitate other unique racial faction game mechanics.

Highlights include:

  • Available quests and the rank at which they become available are shown on the Character Details panel.
  • Completing a quest may involve several individual tasks which must be finished in order. Currently-active quests are shown on the Missions list.
  • It is possible for a lord to teleport to a quest or quest battle. For a nominal cost in resources, the lord and his army will instantly appear at the destination.
  • Quests often involve set piece battles.

List of quests[]

Name Race Base game
Cobra Mace of Mazdamundi Lizardmen Hexoatl.png TWW2
Cousins-in-Arms Wood Elves Wood Elves.png TWW2
Destruction & Distraction Wood Elves Wood Elves.png TWW2
Golden Tributes Lizardmen Hexoatl.png TWW2
Lord Kroak Lizardmen Hexoatl.png TWW2
Quest for Slann Gold Vampire Coast Vampire Coast.png TWW2
Sunburst Standard of Hexoatl Lizardmen Hexoatl.png TWW2
The Dragon & The Kraken Dark Elves Naggarond.png TWW2
The Enemy of Thy Enemy Wood Elves Wood Elves.png TWW2
The Lay of Oreon's Folly Wood Elves Wood Elves.png TWW2
The Mace of Ulumak Lizardmen Hexoatl.png TWW2
The Ogham Shard Lizardmen Hexoatl.png TWW2
The Unforgiven) Wood Elves Wood Elves.png TWW2
The Warrior King Wood Elves Wood Elves.png TWW2
Whip of Agony Dark Elves Naggarond.png TWW2

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