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Raiding.pngRaiding is a stance that armies can adopt while on the campaign map.


Raiding requires a certain amount of unspent movement to be usable, the amount of which varies by race. Raiding in another faction's province reduces the public order and generates money for yourself. The amount of income generated is modified by: conditions in the province, the size of the army raiding, and any traits that the army or lord has. Raiding in your own province is possible, but doesn't generate any revenue. Your Waaagh! army allies will sometimes do this without being commanded, but this is a rare occurrence.


Raiding wealth from the local region.


  • Remaining campaign movement range required to adopt: Differs depending on race
  • Campaign movement range -25%
  • Vigour in battle: winded
  • Immune to attrition

If raiding own province:

  • Public order -30 when raiding own province.

If raiding a province you don't own:

  • +Income generated from raiding: differs depending on many factors
  • Public order -3 in the raided province (non-owned provinces)
  • Diplomacy: penalties with raided faction

Different races[]

  • Greenskins have a special stance called Raidin' Camp that combines raiding with Encamp stance. Thus if they encamp to stop attrition or recruit units, they will also be raiding the province.
  • Some races, such as Lizardmen, do not have access to raiding stance.