Raise Dead (mechanic)

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Mannfred Von Carstein about to raise the dead in campaign.
If you were looking for the spell of the same name, see Lore of Vampires.

Icon raise dead.pngRaise Dead is a mechanic for Vampire Counts and Vampire Coast factions in campaign, which allows their armies to instantly raise units anywhere. For the Vampire Counts (but not Vampire Coast) it replaces normal global recruitment.

Overview[edit | edit source]

This allows Vampire Counts and Vampire Coast to reinforce very quickly after a battle, especially when it is combined with normal recruiting/reinforcement.

Most of the time Raise Dead is limited to only a few basic units (eg: Zombies) per turn. However, if the player moves their army to the site of a major battle fought earlier in the campaign, the number of units they can Raise will be increased, and more elite units will be available (eg: Hexwraiths, Grave Guard, Vargheists).

The sites of major battles will be marked on the campaign map with a glowing blue circle and a Icon raise dead.pngbattle site marker, which shows what turn the battle was fought, the number of casualties etc.

However, raised units will always start at Rank 0 and are not affected by lord skills or technology that gives recruited units starting XP/rank.

Detailed info[edit | edit source]

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Generally to get a minimum Raise Dead pool requires over 1,000 casualties.

Vampire Counts[edit | edit source]

Vampire Coast[edit | edit source]

Strategy[edit | edit source]

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This ability allows these factions to replenish their losses faster than any other. It also frequently encourages the merging and disbanding of weaker units to be replaced with fresh ones. Use this mechanic to maintain your momentum rather than waiting to replenish.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

The Wargrove of Woe has a similar recruitment mechanic for its Wild Beast units.