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Rampage! is a status effect that occurs in battle for certain units in Total War: Warhammer II.

Only certain units have the potential to rampage. For these units, rampaging is caused when too much damage is taken in too short time. When a unit rampages, it gains stat bonuses and will automatically charge/engage the nearest enemy unit in melee. The player loses control while it is rampaging. Rampaging units are indicated by a flashing orange - ! - symbol on their banner and unit card. Broken units cannot start rampaging, and if a rampaging unit breaks it will stop rampaging.

Rampaging keeps units in the fight. However, a clever opponent can draw rampaging units away by kiting with fast ranged units. Additionally, rampaging units can sometimes stay engaged longer than is useful.

Of all races, Lizardmen have the most units which are prone to rampaging.

Rampaging sometimes comes with a "primal instincts" tag for the unit, which provides a stat boost.

Primal Instincts: Rampage triggers at 20% hitpoints. When triggered, the affected unit also benefits from +8 melee attacks and +16% charge bonus

Some units like witch elves can cause nearby enemy units to rampage.

List of units which can rampage, or cause others to rampage (selection)[edit | edit source]

Beastmen[edit | edit source]

Bretonnia[edit | edit source]

Dark Elves[edit | edit source]

Greenskins[edit | edit source]

Lizardmen[edit | edit source]

Norsca[edit | edit source]

The Empire[edit | edit source]

Warriors of Chaos[edit | edit source]

Wood Elves[edit | edit source]

List of spells, skills, items and abilities which cause rampage (selection)[edit | edit source]