Ransacked Dwarfen Vaults

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Ransacked Dwarfen Vaults is a Special Landmark in Total War: Warhammer II located in Karak Eight Peaks. It can only be constructed by Clan Mors (Skaven).

"While the surface city of Karak Eight Peaks is grand, it is, underneath, in the colonnaded halls, deep underground where the true wealth resides. It is ripe for clan Mors to take!"

Effects[edit | edit source]

Clan Mors (Skaven)[edit | edit source]

  • Icon income plus.pngIncome generated: 200
  • Diplomacy.pngDiplomatic relations: +5 with Skaven
  • Religion.pngUntainted: +1
  • Income.pngIncome from sacking and looting settlements: +5% (all characters)

Building Chain[edit | edit source]