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Realm of The Wood Elves
Realm of the wood elves.jpg
General Information
DLC TypeCampaign Pack
Release Date8th December, 2016
Us.gif USD$18.99
Europeanunion.gif EUR€17.49
Gb.gif GBP£13.99

Realm of The Wood Elves is a Campaign Pack DLC, adding the Wood Elves as a playable faction in The Old World and Mortal Empires campaigns. The Wood Elves have two main playable factions Wood Elves led by Orion and Argwylon led by Durthu which differ slightly in gameplay. The DLC also adds a special mini-campaign to Total War: Warhammer called The Season of Revelation.

In Mortal Empires (TWW2) onwards, the main Wood Elves faction led by Orion was renamed to Talsyn. This does not apply back to TWW1.

Updated units and overhaul[]

In December 2020, a new playable faction and several new units were added to the Realm of the Wood Elves DLC. These new units do not apply to Total War: Warhammer. Only to Total War: Warhammer II onwards.

In addition the campaign mechanics for Wood Elves were updated drastically, again this only applies to the second game onwards.

New playable faction: Wargrove of Woe