Total War: WARHAMMER Wiki

Several recruitment buttons used for an Empire lord in Total War: Warhammer II.

Recruitment is training or creating new units for your army.

How it works[]

When you select an army, you can see several buttons below the unit cards. These represent how you recruit your next units, which opens a menu showing which units can be recruited. Click on a unit to recruit the unit into your army: however, it can take from one turn to as much as 4 turns.

By default, a Lord may recruit up to three units within a single turn. Any more units will take one or more extra turns.

While recruiting, a Lord cannot move.

During a siege, the attacker can wait long enough for the defenders to suffer from siege attrition. When that happens, any units that are being recruited by the defenders will be suspended until the siege is defeated.

Recruitment options[]

  • An example of recruitment options.

    Recruitment - The default recruitment for all factions. What units that you may recruit with it depend on which buildings permit certain types of units in your army's current region.
    • Many regular units take only one turn to recruit. Some, especially heavier infantry, cavalry, monsters, and artillery and war machines, can have two or up to four turns.
  • Global recruitment - Allows you to recruit available unit types in your faction if you are Encamped, and outside your territory, but doing so will have a higher cost and take twice the amount of turns for each unit. Not available for Vampire Counts.
    • Dark Elves can only recruit outside their territory with Black Arks. It still limits what units can be recruited by what buildings are constructed within the Black Ark.
  • Raise Dead - Vampire Counts can instead raise the dead, which instantly recruits certain units. How many units and what kind of units that can be available depend on the amount of casualties in a previous battle. Major battle sites, which allow Vampire Counts lords to recruit more and better units, are indicated by a glowing blue circle and a battle site marker.
    • Vampire Coast lords can use both Raise Dead and global recruitment.
  • Regiments of Renown - Allows you to instantly recruit units with higher stats whenever possible.


Recruited units may take an amount from your treasury: that is known as upkeep cost. Upkeep cost can be reduced by certain buildings, skill points, character traits, or dilemmas and random events; or it can be increased.

Units under recruitment are shown with a banner across their unit icons: green is for regular recruitment; blue is for global recruitment, and orange is for extra recruitment that exceeds the limits for regular or global recruitment, including after recruitment capacity.

Recruitment capacity (by buildings, character traits, or skill points) allows your Lords to recruit more than three units within a single turn, without the extra turn penalty for additional new units. The extra turn penalty applies if you recruit more units beyond the extended limit by the recruitment capacity bonus.

Horde factions can recruit anywhere when they are encamped, but what units they can recruit depend on what buildings the current army has.

Faction differences[]

  • The Tomb Kings and Beastmen have no upkeep cost, but are limited by how many units of certain types they can recruit for the whole faction. The unit limits can be raised by research (Tomb Kings) or earning higher levels from battles (Beastmen).
  • In a Call to WAAAGH!, Greenskins lords can randomly generate up to 12 more units, increasing the maximum amount of units in a single army to 40. After the Waaagh ends, any surviving Waaagh units will be disbanded after several turns.