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Red Eye is a minor Greenskins faction introduced in Total War: Warhammer. It is led by Ornery Backslider and can be found in the northeastern parts of the map, in the World's Edge Mountains.


The Red Eye are a confederation of Night Goblin tribes that dwell in Red Eye Mountain - the long-lost Dwarf Hold of Karak Ungor. Since the fall of the old Dwarf empire it has become the most notorious Night Goblin stronghold north of Mad Dog Pass. The Red Eye tribes have daubed their crude symbol on the old Dwarf gates and the rocks near by. The sign of the Red Eye is that of the biggest and most dangerous confederation of Goblin tribes whose warriors raid far into the eastern provinces of the Empire. There, the Greenskins feud constantly with each other and fight for control of their lair with Skaven. Many of their kind have never seen a live Dwarf, although High King Thorgrim Grudgebearer has vowed that one day soon his people will return.[1]

Starting territory[]

The Old World
Mortal Empires

Diplomatic traits[]

  • Aggressive - Belligerent and wermongering, their armies reach far with little regard for defence.
  • Unreliable - Agreements hold little sway. This one is not to be trusted.
  • Underdog - Instead of trying to get to the top of the food chain, this one prefers joining a worthy faction in confederation.


  • When joining Azhag's Waaagh! in the lore, these Night Goblins brought Skullmuncha as a gift which Azhag subdued immediately and rides as a mount.