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Reforged Dragon Cuirass is a crafted armour item introduced in Total War: Warhammer II, exclusive to the Heralds of Ariel faction, part of the Wood Elves race, and generated via the Forge of Daith mechanic.

It provides gigantic fire resistance, huge armour, major melee defence and wound recovery time reduction bonuses to its wearer. It also grants access to the common regeneration passive unit ability which restores a moderate amount of uncapped hit points over time in exchange for a moderate weakness to fire damage.

A powerful upgrade of the uncommon Dragon Cuirass or rare Refined Dragon Cuirass, this equipment's increased power is temporary. Armour.png

In-game description[]

Solid and resplendent, the Dragon scales strew across the surface of this corselet reveal the nature of its imperishability.


  • Armour: +50
  • Melee defence: +15
  • Fire resistance: +125%
  • Wound recovery time: -4
  • Passive ability: "Regeneration"