Reforged Dragon Pendant

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Reforged Dragon Pendant
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TypeEnchanted Item
Crafted by the smiths of Vaul and imbued by powerful mages.
RaceWood Elves - Heralds of Ariel
Required DLCThe Twisted and the Twilight

Reforged Dragon Pendant is a crafted enchanted item item introduced in Total War: Warhammer II, exclusive to the Heralds of Ariel faction, part of the Wood Elves race, and generated via the Forge of Daith mechanic.

It provides major hit points and casualty replenishment rate bonuses plus a gigantic ward save buff to its wearer. It also grants access to the rare Piercing Bolts of Burning bound spell which bombards a medium area with major magical and fire damage for a short amount of time.

A powerful upgrade of the uncommon Dragon Pendant or rare Refined Dragon Pendant, this equipment's increased power is temporary.

In-game description[edit | edit source]

The jewel at the centre of this pendant shimmers with preternatural lifeforce, for it is said that a sky wyrm's soul is contained within.

Effects[edit | edit source]