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Replenishment.png Replenishment is the ability for units within armies to heal damage and restore their numbers after receiving losses/damage on the field of battle. Replenishment only applies in campaign mode of the Total War: Warhammer series.

Base replenishment is 8% of max health for single entities or max troops restored per turn while within hospitable (green) owned or allied territory.



Replenishment Modifiers[]

  • Encamp stance adds +10% replenishment.
  • Entering a settlement adds +12% replenishment. (Entering a settlement removes the army from any stance. See encamp above.)
  • Buildings and building upgrades can impact replenishment.
  • Black Arks may take the stance Dread Expansion to add 10% replenishment to armies within its expansion zone but reducing its own replenishment.
  • Lord and hero skills can impact replenishment.
  • Faction attributes can impact replenishment.
  • Campaign events can impact replenishment.
  • Inhospitable climates (yellow and red) lower replenishment by 8 and 15% respectively.
  • Enemy heroes can cause temporary negative replenishment with hero action Hinder Replenishment.

Replenishment Considerations[]

  • Most replenishment modifiers are army encompassing including lords and heroes but some are unit specific. These modifiers will only impact the specified unit type.
  • Unit replenishment is maxed out at 50% except for Beastmen special events, so under the best conditions (unhindered within one of your own hospitable climate cities) you will not benefit from more than +30% replenishment.

Over +30% Replenishment Modifiers[]

There are a few scenarios in the game where the army can benefit from more than 30% replenishment.

These situations include the following[]

  • The army doesn't have enough extra campaign movement to reach allied territory and encamp (or enter an owned city) or does not desire to do so.
  • Inhospitable territory climates (yellow and red) negatively impacts replenishment rates of the army's troops -8% and -15% respectively.
  • Enemy heroes can cause temporary negative replenishment with hero action Hinder Replenishment.
  • Unique campaign events or powers diminish replenishment.
  • A combination of the above.

Enemy Territory Replenishment[]

In enemy or neutral territory it is much harder to find food, shelter and troops willing to join an invading army's cause. Because of this, replenishment is capped at 10% and is not available barring a few exceptions such as hordes, encamped forces or forces within a black ark dread expansion stance zone

All negative replenishment modifiers still apply but most positive modifiers do not apply! The exceptions are as follows.[]

  • Black Arks may take the stance Dread Expansion to add 10% replenishment to armies within it's expansion zone but reducing it's own replenishment.
  • Encamp stance adds +10% replenishment.
  • Post-battle captives decision can impact replenishment.

Vampires Corruption and Replenishment[]

Instead of relying on owned or allied territory, Vampire Counts armies may replenish in any territory with a majority of vampiric corruption among all corruptions or lack there of, so at least 50% or the highest corruption if Chaos and Skaven are competing to corrupt the land. If vampiric corruption is in the majority it causes attrition so even owned or allied lands can become inhospitable to non-vampiric armies this way.

Vampire Armies[]

  • Vampiric corruption provides a bonus to replenishment.
  • Assuming channelling stance in enemy territory (for Vampire Counts) boosts healing by 5%. However, it doesn't work unless vampiric corruption is at least 50% (it's more complicated than that, vampiric corruption has to be dominant one among four - untainted, chaos corruption, skaven corruption and vampriric corruption, and if there's no chaos corruption - Chaos invasion not yet started, there's no lurking Beastmen or Age of Peace is upon us, 50% requirement is true, usually when Chaos corruption is present requirements are lower, at ~45%). And in case of enemy territory - much like camp stance, replenishment is capped at 5%, no matter how many bonuses you might have (this includes bonus replenishment from vampiric corruption). On top of that - channeling stance doesn't makes your army immune to attrition, so if you're in attrition territory (due to lack of vampiric corruption, or region related attrition - badlands, mountans, moors, northern territories etc) you won't be able to replenish your troops and would suffer attrition instead.

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