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Rictus Clan-Nest is a minor Skaven faction introduced in Total War: Warhammer II. It is ruled by Chief Doomclaw and can be found in the eastern part of the map, east of Karak Azul and the World's Edge Mountains.


Crookback Mountain is the largest Skaven stronghold within the Dark Lands. The mountain lies at the eastern end of Mad Dog Pass, a great spire of black rock thrusting up out of the dusty plain. Crookback Mountain is currently held by Lord of Decay Kratch Doomclaw, leader of one of the most powerful Warlord Clans, Clan Rictus. Clan Rictus breed a remarkably large number of giant black-furred warriors so Lord Kratch has numerous regiments of elite Stormvermin under his control, making him much feared by the other Warlord clans. The main functions of this particular hold are to supply Goblin slaves to the Under-Empire and to mine the rich seams of iron and copper beneath the mountain for the forges of Clan Rictus.[1]

Diplomatic Traits[]

  • Spineless
  • Ruins-dweller
  • Underdog


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Mortal Empires[]

This faction mainly serves as a rival to be overthrown when playing as Clan Rictus, who starts with an Under-City beneath Crookback Mountain. Otherwise, they are just another minor Skaven faction that will likely be eliminated early on.


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They start completely neutral with Clan Rictus.

They start somewhat friendly with Clan Eshin.

Starting territory[]

Mortal Empires


  • This faction is the home of Clan Rictus.
  • Rictus Clan-Nest is currently the only permanent Skaven faction that is not named in the following manner: "Clan X".
  • The faction was added with the Potion of Speed Update.


This is purely speculation and is not confirmed by any official sources.

Since this faction is supposed to represent the area belonging to Clan Rictus, and the fact that in the next Total War: Warhammer game the map will shift eastwards, it is possible Creative Assembly will have Tretch Craventail spawn here instead of his current, rather odd, spawn in Naggaroth.