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Saurus Warriors is a Lizardmen melee infantry unit in Total War: Warhammer II. The standard, hardy warriors of the Lizardmen battleline. Their clubs are inelegant, but effective.

They are the backbone of every Lizardmen army, providing a reliable infantry force that can hold their ground against even the fiercest opponents and crush those that are beneath them. They march in ordered cohorts with a distinct sense of purpose that those who lack their cold reptilian mind will never be able to grasp. Saurus Warriors are 8 foot tall line Infantry whose sole purpose is the eradication of all races who are not part of the Great Plan.


When the Lizardmen march to battle, it is the Saurus who make up the hardened core of the fighting forces. This is no surprise, for the Saurus were created solely for the purpose of war and protection. The Old Ones cultivated this race of reptilian warriors, although whether they created them entirely, or raised them up from some primordial life form of the jungles, is not clear. What is assured, however, is their role and function. In the prehistory of the world, a time before the coming of Elves or Dwarfs, it was the Saurus who pacified the lands, fighting great battles and exterminating entire species in accordance with the Old Ones' plans. Although unable to master more complicated devices, Saurus use simple weapons to devastating effect - wielding obsidian-tipped spears and heavy clubs spiked with jagged stones. Using their great strength, Saurus can leave the roads and hack through the dense jungles of Lustria using brute force alone.

Saurus Warriors were designed by their gods - The Old Ones - to act as the main force to purge the Warhammerworld of all those races they deemed unworthy and not part of the Great Plan. Unlike other races, they don´t breed and are instead born through Spawning Pools, arcane instruments the Old Ones constructed to create the different races that make up the Lizardmen. They lack the individuality that warmblooded races crave and are designed for the sole purpose of war. Whereas Skinks or Kroxigors are the workers and craftmen, Saurus only know war. In peace, they roam the forests and caverns around their temple cities, forever vigilant, for they know that the forces of the ruinous powers rarely sleep.

Saurus are 8-foot tall beings, naturally shielded by their scaly skin. Instead of blades or swords of metal, they wield maces made from Obsidian and stone that most men could not lift - though they are capable of ripping their enemies apart with their claws and teeth. Some Saurus wear shields though their bodies themselves are created for war - so even unshielded, unprotected Saurus are quite sturdy.

In the times before the Great Catastrophe which led Chaos into the world, they led campaigns all over the world eradicating lesser races whose names have long been forgotten. Though today their numbers are far too few to take up with their numberless enemies - be it the forces of Chaos, the ruinous Skaven or the ever warring Greenskins. Though however great their task may be, the Saurus follow their leaders into battle without question or complain, for they know their place in the Great Plan and would never dare to question the will of the Old Ones.


  • Predatory Senses: These units are natural hunters that can sense prey hiding nearby.
  • Primal Instincts: When under pressure, the primal instincts of these natural predators take over. They then may go on a rampage against nearby enemy units, attacking the closest one and ignoring any orders given.


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  • Saurus Warriors are the backbone of every Lizardmen force. They are far more capable than most line Infantry, able to hold their own against Elite Infantry. They can call a massive HP-Pool their own and are relatively well armored compared to other base infantry. Saurus Warriors have high leadership - and instead of breaking and fleeing they go into rampage once they reach a certain HP-Threshold. They will hold their own for a long time, though their low speed makes them susceptible to enemy skirmishers and flanking maneuvers.

In MP, they are best avoided, as they cost a fair-bit, and are easily destroyed by wind spells. a problem practically all expensive infantry face.