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Scabby Eye is a minor Greenskins faction introduced in Total War: Warhammer. It is led by Spite Backbiter and can be found in the northern Badlands.

Starting Position[]

The Old World
Mortal Empires


The Goblin tribe of the Scabby Eye is known to make full use of the flatness of the Badlands by using a mass of Wolf Riders and Chariots.

They are an aggressive tribe that dislike all Orcs due to an incident with the Blue-Faced Orcs years ago.

The Scabby Eye tribe aided the Blue Face clan in their infamous naval Waaagh! or 'Orcmada'. After sailing in circles for three months the clan returned having eaten all but three of their Goblin allies.

Since then Trolls have been seen in the Blue-Faced fleets but no Goblins - after all, even Goblins aren't stupid enough to trust this clan again. The Scabby Eye Goblins have raided constantly against them ever since in a bitter bid for revenge.


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This faction is the closest to the Dawi of Barak Varr and the Border Princes, ensuring that they will be at the front of any conflict in the area.