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A player deciding on scrap upgrades. Click to expand

Icon Grn Scrap.png Scrap is a campaign mechanic for Greenskins factions.

It was added in The Total Waaagh! Update for Total War: Warhammer II in May 2020, as part of a large overhaul of the Greenskins. As such, it is not present in the first game.

How it works[edit | edit source]

Scrap is a special resource generated by Greenskins factions. The total amount of scrap your faction has is indicated in the top center of the screen on the campaign map.

This resource can be spent on units, to give them a Scrap Upgrade. Characters cannot get scrap upgrades.

Once a unit has been upgraded, it can't receive another upgrade, so choose wisely.

You can generate scrap by:

  • Completing Quests
  • Some Dilemmas
Action Scrap
Battle (per victorious battle) +1
Raze settlement (per settlement) +15

List of upgrades by unit[edit | edit source]

Reward Scrap.png
  • Scrap Armour
    • A hodgepodge patchwork of scrap metal that can make a very effective carapace, no matter how uncomfortable it might be.
    • Armour +25
    • Cost: 20 Scrap
    • Goblins
    • Orc Big 'Uns
  • Spiky Weapons
    • The trick is finding spikes that don't have to be replaced all the times - not everyone has access to Squig teeth
    • +5 Armour-piercing damage
    • Cost: 20 Scrap
    • Goblins
    • Night Goblins
  • Padded Shields
    • "These shields are well 'evy! Da moment things get 'airy, I's droppin' it!"
    • Missile block chance +30%
    • +15 Armour
    • Cannot use if: Leadership is wavering
    • Cost: 20 Scrap
    • Orc Boyz
  • Reinforced Weapons
    • The gobbo tinkerers know that a weapon with fewer weak points can be swung at an enemy much harder without fear of breakage
    • Weapon strength +25%
    • Cost: 20 Scrap
    • Orc Boyz
    • Orc Big 'Uns
    • River Trolls (50 Scrap)
  • Ammo Skinsacks
    • Battlefield scrap comes in many forms, even the skin of the dead. Ignore the gristle, just think of all the ammo the boys can carry!
    • Ammunition +45%
    • Cost: 20 Scrap
    • Goblin Archers
  • Heavy Ammo
    • Heavy ammunition is useful, but cumbersome. Don't expect da ladz to bother carrying it unless they are in a particularly mood!
    • +400% Armour-piercing damage
    • Cost: 20 Scrap
    • Goblin Archers
  • Chariot Armour
    • Layer upon layer of patchwork scraps onto chariots makes them look ricketier than they already are, but do wonders for their durability
    • +15% Physical resistance
    • Cost: 20 Scrap
    • Snotling Pump Wagons
  • Jagged Weapons
  • Water Flasks
    • Some mobs get disobedient when they're thirsty. No Warboss ever led a successful Waaagh! with dehydrated followers, did they?
    • Attribute: Perfect Vigour
    • Nasty Skulkers
  • Liquor Flasks
    • Nothing makes a Greenskin fight harder for longer than the guzzling of a fermented beverage of some description. Well, any description really.
    • +15 Leadership
    • Cost: 50 Scrap
    • River Trolls
    • Stone Trolls
    • Night Goblins
  • Blinkers
    • A beast that can only see forwards will only charge forwards. A bit of prodding in the backside helps too!
    • Charge Bonus +20
    • Night Goblin Squig Hoppers
  • Scrap Saddles
  • Winged Ammo
    • A smart gobbo once figured out that by sticking wings on things to be hurled at the enemy, you can hit targets that are further away.
    • Range +20%
    • Cost: 50 Scrap
    • Goblin Rock Lobber
    • Night Goblin Archers
  • Combat Skinsacks
  • Longer Weapons

List of Scrap Upgrades by unit[edit | edit source]

<-------If filling out this section, see Greenskins unit roster, but don't forget The Warden and the Paunch units. Maybe a table would be best?------>

Legendary Lord Specific[edit | edit source]

Azhag: Wizardly Weapons

  • Strange magic has been infused into these pieces of metal. Not to protect the user, mind you, but likely to fuel some Warboss' mad schemes
  • +6% Armour-piercing damage
  • Orc Boyz

Skarsnik: Fungus Flasks

  • Few receptacles can saftely contain Skarsnik's horrible concotion without a potentially fatal leakage.
  • Skarsnik's Death Juice
  • Damage over time (10 Seconds)
  • -24% Speed
  • -20% Base weapon damage
  • -20% Armour-piercing weapon damage
  • -20% Base missile damage
  • -20% Armour-piercing missile damage
  • Night Goblins

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