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Scroll of Speed of Lykos
Wh main anc arcane item.png
TypeArcane item
RarityIcon rarity common small.png Common
EffectBound spell: Speed of Lykos

Scroll of Speed of Lykos is a common arcane item added in Total War: Warhammer II Resurgent Update.

In TWW2 multiplayer, it is available for Vampire Fleet Captains.


The words upon this scroll, when read aloud, allow an ally to move at such a speed as to be unseen.


  • Bound spell: Speed of Lykos
    • Type: Hiding
    • Uses: 1
    • Duration: 44s
    • Pre-cooldown: 60s
    • Target: Self, ally within 200m
    • +24% speed
    • Stalk
    • Unspottable (if this unit can hide at it's current location, it will not be spotted until the enemy is very close)