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Sentinels of Astaril is a High Elves Mistwalkers unit unique to Yvresse and only available in the campaign. They can also be summoned by the ability Summon the Sentinels.


When Eltharion set sail from Ulthuan, he was loath to take any mistwalkers of Yvresse, for their daemon-hunting expertise would be greatly needed if Ulthuan was to endure the onslaught of the Chaos Gods. However, Tyrion argued that one band of mistwalkers, more or less, would make little difference to Ulthuan's fate, but might spell the difference between victory and defeat for Eltharion's expedition. Knowing wisdom when he heard it, Eltharion accepted the service of the Sentinels of Astaril, the very company with which he had honed his own skills as a youth.


  • Shieldbreaker: This unit’s shield-breaking attacks can significantly weaken the target’s chance of blocking missile attacks.
  • Good Range: This unit has a larger range than most other units of the same class. This allows it to take out hostile missile units before they can come into firing range.
  • Charge Defence Against Large Foes: When standing and bracing against a charge of large enemies (such as cavalry or monsters) this unit will negate the enemy's charge bonus.
  • Low Rate of Fire: This unit has a very low rate of missile fire.


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This unit most closely resembles Lothern Sea Guard (Shields) with the benefit of the shield breaker effect and armour-piercing missiles at the cost of a 19 second reload time.