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This page is about the faction. For the settlement of the same name see Huahuan Desert (Mortal Empires) or The Forbidden Jungle (Eye of the Vortex).

Sentinels of Xeti is a minor Lizardmen faction introduced in Total War: Warhammer II. It is led by Boqhui and can be found on the western shores of Lustria.


West of the Spine of Sotek Mountains, upon an acrid coastal plain beyond the Chasm of Condor, is to be found one of the strangest places in Lustria. The Sentinels of Xeti take the form of row upon row of monoliths, each dozens of yards high and covered in intricately graven patterns and shimmering green inlays. It is said that the Sentinels were erected at the order of the Mage-Priest Lord Arexibo of Itza soon after the Great Catastrophe. Their purpose is to listen for messages from the Old Ones, though to date none have been heard.

Starting territory[]

Eye of the Vortex:

Mortal Empires:

Safety of their starting location[]

The Lizardmen known as the Sentinels of Xeti live in the area west of the mountain range of Spine of Sotek.

With almost no enemies close by except far to the north and surrounded by mountains and the edge of the map, this faction has perhaps the safest spawning location in all of Total War: Warhammer. To the south and to the west is the map's edge, meaning no enemies can come from that way. To the east is the Spine of Sotek, occupied by the aptly named Spine of Sotek Dwarfs. This faction is often neutral or friendly to the Sentinels of Xeti, effectively keeping the Lizardmen led by Boqhui safe from the more dangerous opponents in the rest of Lustria. To the north is where the only real danger can come from. The Blue Vipers are relatively close by at the Southern Jungles of Pahualaxa and even closer are minor Skaven clans. This should not be too much of a challenge for the Sentinels considering they can focus all their effort north, not having to care about defending the inner parts of their kingdom.

Diplomatic traits[]

Mortal Empires[]

  • Cold-Blooded Logic - The immutable, alien logic of the Lizardmen means they will only consider strong, emotive states when engaging in diplomacy.


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This faction is a Lizardmen faction that hangs around the periphery of Lustria. In the Vortex campaign that are between the Order of Loremasters and Court of Lybaras. They can be easy friends or easy foes depending on the player's decision. In Mortal Empires, they are much the same, hanging out on the edge of the map surviving until a bigger faction confederates or conquers them.

Strangely enough the sentinels of xeti tend to be agressive against other lizardmen factions, often starting war with them and their neighbouring dawi.