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Shadow Warriors is a High Elves unit in Total War: Warhammer II's downloadable content, The Queen and the Crone. The Shadow Warriors of Nagarythe are grim soldiers who fight for revenge alone.


The Shadow Warriors are masters of ambush and guerrilla warfare, and are elite warriors even among other Elves. They strike swiftly and noiselessly from concealment with deadly accurate volleys from their longbows, before charging forth to slay any survivors with a flurry of blades. Even at times when the populace of Ulthuan does not consider itself at war, there is no respite for the Shadow Warriors. Weary and grim, they constantly patrol the barren shores and bleakest hills of Nagarythe. They keep a constant vigil against approach of the evil Druchii who sank their homeland beneath the waves.


  • Good Range: This unit has a larger range than most other units of the same class. This allows it to take out hostile missile units before they can come into firing range.
  • Master Ambusher: This unit can move whilst hidden in any terrain, firing in any direction even whilst running!
  • Stalk: This unit can move hidden in any terrain.
  • Vanguard Deployment: This unit can deploy in an expanded deployment area, allowing it to start the battle within striking distance of the enemy - or somewhere unexpected.


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Basically Archers that have learned the values of stealth as well as some melee combat skills. Due to their hidden movement and vanguard deployment, they can ambush exposed enemy units (unprotected artillery crews, lone mages), kite enemy infantry or move around the flanks after the frontlines clash to fire into the engaged infantry from the sides or behind, where their shields cannot effectively protect them. Make sure enemy cavalry and other fast units are tied down before attempting such a maneuver. Their weaknesses are much the same as regular Archers: their weak armor means they cannot last long in shooting standoffs, which is why they should make use of their mobility and long range to keep out of the enemy missile units´ sights. Also, they lack armor piercing damage, so it is best to target light enemy units with them. Should their ammunition run out before the battle is finished, they are still passable melee fighters.