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Skaeling is a minor Norscan faction introduced in Total War: Warhammer. The faction is led by Felman Ingersson and can be found in Norsca, in the northeastern parts of the map.


The Skaelings are among the most infamous Norscan tribes to have ever blighted the Old World. Great sea-reavers, they are ancient enemies of the Bretonni, having spearheaded some of the largest invasions in the kingdom's history.

The proud Skaelings boast that they are not truly men at all, but the human descendants of a great Drake that once roamed the lands of northern Kislev. It is in honour of this supposed ancestor that they brand their skin with tattoos of fire and swirling dragon shapes.[1]

"As the battle raged night upon night, day upon day, the moons turned, and many thousands of marauders and Chaos Warriors were cast wailing into the sea. But Svengar and his fierce warriors paid no regard. Orgulous and grim, he and his men would not give, for they sought glory or death in the eyes of their bloody gods."

--- A quote depicting the ferocity and determination of Skaeling's warriors.[2]


They currently serve as an early game foe for World Walkers.

Unlike most minor Norscan Tribes that are on the map at the start of the game, Skaeling can be resurrected by the Warriors of Chaos awakening them if they get wiped out. The Varg is the only other faction that can make that claim, but the Skaeling are even more unique as they are the only faction that can be awakened in two separate provinces: Ice Tooth Mountains or Vanaheim Mountains (though this may have been an oversight and Vanaheim Mountains may have been intended for Bjornling).

Starting territory[]

The Old World
Eye of the Vortex
  • Albion (all three settlements)
Mortal Empires

Diplomatic traits[]

Eye of the Vortex[]

Mortal Empires[]

  • Aggressive - Belligerent and wermongering, their armies reach far with little regard for defence.
  • Underdog - Instead of trying to get to the top of the food chain, this one prefers joining a worthy faction in confederation.
  • Naval Aggressor - Prefers attacking enemy ports settlements, even if easier targets are inland.


  • Like Surtha Ek, Felman Ingersson was known for recruiting many chariots and cavalry units into his army.
  • If the Skaeling are wiped out and then brought back by the Warriors of Chaos awakening them, they will not get Felman Ingersson back but instead be led by a random generic lord.
  • Skaeling is one of two factions that are present in all of the following campaigns: The Old World, Mortal Empires and Eye of the Vortex. The other is Top Knotz.


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