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Icon wh main lore ruin.pngSkaven Spells of Ruin is a lore of magic introduced in Total War: Warhammer II. It is unique to the Skaven.

Lore Attribute[]

Musk of Fear[]

Wh2 main lore passive musk of fear.png As the Lore of Ruin siphons the Winds of Magic, an unholy despair takes hold of the surface-dwellers. The rats lurk in the shadows...

The Passive of the Lore, active mapwide on casting another spell.

  • Type: Hex (Area)
  • Target: Around self. Affects enemies in range
  • Duration: Constant (while casting)
  • Range: Map-wide
  • Musk of Fear (8 seconds): -4 leadership, -13 melee attack.


Warp Lightning[]

Wh2 main spell ruin warp lightning.png Dire green-black lightning strikes at the Skaven's chittered command.

  • Type: Bombardment
  • Duration: 5 seconds
  • Target: Ground, 200m
  • Cannot use if: Climbing
  • Effects:
    • Causes moderate magical damage
    • Medium strike area
    • Strong vs. multiple combatants
    • Good against armor
    • Weak vs. a single combatant
  • Overcast for 11 Winds
    • Increased number of missiles

Howling Warpgale[]

Wh2 main spell ruin howling warpgale.png The Skaven gestures twitchingly towards the skies and a fierce wind swirls, making flight impossible.

  • Type: Hex (Area), only acts on targets when in area
  • Duration: 14 seconds
  • Target: Ground, Enemy, Affects enemies in range, 100m
  • Cannot use if: Climbing
  • Target if: Flying unit
  • Effect range: 55m
  • Effects:
    • Cannot Move
  • Overcast for 9 Winds
    • Duration: 28 Seconds

Death Frenzy[]

Wh2 main spell ruin death frenzy.png Gesticulating wildly, the caster gifts a friendly unit with a rabid need to kill and consume the foe!

  • Type: Augment
  • Duration: 28 seconds
  • Target: Enemy
  • Cannot use if: Climbing
  • Effects:
    • +30% base weapon damage
    • +24 Melee attack
    • Immune to psychology
  • Overcast for 12 Winds
    • Added effect area 40m


Wh2 main spell ruin scorch.png The caster thrusts his paws into the ground and summons forth a great gout of green flame.

  • Type: Breath
  • Duration: 12 seconds
  • Target: Ground, 150m
  • Cannot use if: Climbing
  • Cannot target if: Flying, on a wall
  • Effects:
    • Major magical and fire damage
    • Long, thin, expanding, tear-shaped attack
    • Strong vs. multiple units
    • Weak vs. a single combatant
    • Weak against armor
  • Overcast for 11 Winds of magic
    • Extended cast range 450m

Flensing Ruin- Replaced Skitterleap[]

Wh2 dlc14 spell ruin flensing ruin.png Green ribbons of Warp-Energy tear the flesh from target's bones. It's very nasty to behold - as nasty as it sounds, in fact - but far nastier, of course, if you're the recipient...

  • Type: Direct damage (area)
  • Duration 14 seconds
  • Effects:
    • Causes damage to combatants
    • Strong vs. a single combatant
    • Chance opponent will resist damage
    • Weak vs. a single unit
    • -30 armor
  • Overcast for 22 Winds
    • Extended effect duration
    • 22 Seconds

Crack's Call[]

Wh2 main spell ruin cracks call.png With the incantation invoked, the Skaven stamps his foot, causing the very ground to split asunder.

  • Type: Wind
  • Duration: 10 seconds
  • Target: Ground, 150m
  • Cannot use if: Climbing
  • Cannot target if: Flying, on a wall
  • Effects:
    • Causes major magical damage
    • Medium, forward-moving area of effect
    • Strong vs. multiple units
    • Good against armor
    • Weak vs. a single combatant


Units which can use spells from this lore:



Items with bound spells from this lore:

  • None


Warp lightning is one of the most cost effective spells in the game. For very few winds of magic it can do quite a bit of damage, it also can trigger the Lore passive which powerfully lowers melee attack and leadership for all enemies.

Howling Warpgale is situational, but very good if you have ranged tools to gun down flying units held in place.

Death Frenzy is a strong buff, not a ton to say about it other than it can turn a mediocre Skaven unit into a much more dangerous one.

Scorch is a very narrow breath spell, but can do good damage if cast appropriately.

Crack's Call is a powerful but expensive wind spell, effective at damaging groups of armored infantry locked in melee

Flensing Ruin appears to be a strong spell and offers the added utility of being direct damage to a monster or character. The tooltip may seem counter intuitive at first, but the spell is most effective when targeting a single entity such a lord, hero, or monster while they are surrounded by friendly units. This makes it similar to the Final Transmutation spell from the Lore of Metal.


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