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"It would seem sensible, wouldn't it? After all, it would be bitterly ironic if we survived all our adventures only to get ourselves killed in some back-alley in this god-forsaken place."

—Tyrion, during his return to Skeggi after reclaiming Sunfang[1]


Skeggi is a minor Norscan Tribes faction introduced in Total War: Warhammer II. It is led by Losteriksson of the Kul. The faction can be found on the eastern shores of Lustria, close to Hexoatl.


Skeggi is the largest and oldest Human settlement in the New World. It is the gateway to Lustria through which adventurers and looters go inland in search of fortune. Of these, the principal ones are the Norscans, whose craving for gold equals their craving for blood.

However, very few of these men await the call of the powers of ruin to war, but leave on board their drakkars to plunder all the coasts of the world. Throughout infinite generations of constant incursions, the men of Norsca have become exceptional sailors who even boast of being able to surpass the navigation of the fleets of the High Elves of Lothern. The greatest of these nothern sailors was Losteriksson, who, in 888 of the imperial calendar, docked on the coast of the New World, opening the doors of the continent of Lustria to the intrusion of the human race and forever altering the course of the plans of the mysterious Old Ones.[2]


Due to the nature of the land surrounding Skeggi, the only viable route to get in and out of the colony is by sea. The marshes surrounding the settlement are in a state of constant flux in which the water level increases and decreases with the tide flooding any path a fool has been able to build. As a result, the forest surrounding Skeggi is furrowed by a network of narrow roads and paths, although very few of the roads are practicable. From the moment the traveler leaves the relative safety of the clearings surrounding the colony, he plunges himself into a leafy jungle and all the dangers that await him.

Another distinctive aspect of this village is also the buildings themselves. Though they still hold the same Longhouse structure of the Norse people, their foundation is not made in ground dirt, but rather large wooden support beams called stilts uplift the structure above the mud to ensure its foundation wouldn't sink. The harbour of Skeggi is a makeshift place of rickety wooden piers flanked by the local longhouses, with a white sand beach on which longships were drawn up. In the distance, one can see the monstrous brutal structure of the Skeggi Fortress. It's the size of a small town, and had been built by a dozen raider lords on the site of the original keep of Losteriksson, the town's legendary founder. The only thing that comes close to being as noticeable is the giant barrow that has grown over the spot where Losteriksson first set foot on this land.

Starting territory[]

Eye of the Vortex
Mortal Empires


Skeggi starts at war with Hexoatl.

Diplomatic traits:

  • Survivor


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The faction serves as an early opponent for the Lizardmen of Hexoatl . If you are playing as Norsca you can construct Losteriksson's Great Hall in Skeggi (the settlement).


  • While playing as Clan Eshin in the Vortex campaign, a hostile army belonging to Skeggi spawns close to your settlements in the Southlands, as part of an event during the Eshin campaign.