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This article or section is about game content which was freshly released by Creative Assembly or is still in development. The information here is not final, and may change rapidly.

Slaanesh is a playable race introduced in Total War: Warhammer III. Slaanesh is the Chaos God of excess, hedonism and obsession.

How They Play[]

  • Slaanesh is the only Chaos daemonic faction which can engage in diplomacy with regular races
  • Focus on using diplomacy and cults to force other factions to become submissive vassals
  • Summon disciple armies to fight for you
  • Before a battle starts you can spend Divine Favour to seduce enemy units to fight for you instead
  • In battle, extremely fast damage-dealers, with little armour. Few ranged options. Extra bonuses when flanking enemies.


The Dark Prince, the Prince of Excess/Pleasure, She-Who-Thirsts, The Serpent

Slaanesh is the youngest of the Chaos Gods, and generally considered the weakest. They represent desire, pleasure, pain and excess and are associated with the colours pink, purple, gold, pale white and black. Slaanesh breaks minds and inflicts untold incredible suffering but also instills joy, creativity and extreme pleasure. Among mortals, Slaanesh appeals to the egotistical, the obsessive, addicts, artists, hedonists and other sensation-seekers. Their followers are graceful, beautiful, cruel and often androgynous, with both masculine and feminine features. Slaanesh is said to desire Elven souls above all others, and devours them hungrily.


Slaanesh factions are normal, non-horde factions who occupy settlements and control provinces.

Playable factions[]

At the moment there is only one playable Slaanesh faction. See individual pages for faction-specific info.

Minor factions[]

Total War: Warhammer III

Factions introduced in The Realm of Chaos campaign:

In-game description[]

Slaanesh is dedicated to the pursuit of excess, gratification, hedonism, pain and amoral pleasure at the expense of any soul. He is the youngest of the Chaos Gods, for the complex emotions of erotic desire and decadence only exist within the minds of intelligent races. From within the Realm of Chaos, the Dark Prince revels in each new sensation discovered. He guides the mortal inhabitants laden with desire to go ever futher in their pursuit of stimulation.

Those who serve Slaanesh are consumed by their own dark passions, driven by the need for their mistress-master's approval to commit more sordid atrocities. And so Slaanesh's followers practice war upon the nations of the south, seducing their foes into service of their Dark God and inflicting symphonies of misery upon those who resist his call.

  • Bullet sla devotees.png Devotees: Amass followers by raiding, sacking and looting settlements.
  • Bullet sla summon disciple armies.png Summon Disciple Armies: Use Devotees to summon armies in corrupted areas.
  • Bullet sla promise of perfection.png Seduction: Compel enemy units to join your army during battles, and force whole factions into vassalage via your Seductive Influence.

In Battle[]



Main article: Slaanesh unit roster

Battle mechanics[]

Killing enemies in negative morale states provides the Slaanesh army with battle currency, which can be spent on the following Army Abilities:

  1. Wh3 main army abilities fascination.png Fascination: Direct Damage, damage per second 63-125, causes Rampage. Range: infinite, Duration: 23 seconds, Cooldown: 90 seconds.
  2. Wh3 main army abilities narcissism.png Narcissism: Hex, target cannot move. Range: infinite, Duration: 13 seconds, Cooldown: 60 seconds.
  3. Wh3 main army abilities sweet sorrow.png Sweet Sorrow: Augment (Area), Speed +25%, Vigor -3%. Range and Effect Range: Infinite, Duration: 20 seconds, Cooldown: 120 seconds.


Slaanesh has access to two lores of magic, one of which is unique to their race:

Seduce Unit(s)[]

Prior to battle, Slaanesh armies can pay Divine Favor to attempt to bring one or more enemy units over to their side with their Seduce Units ability. If successful, the unit will join the Slaaneshi side for the duration of the combat and then, if not defeated in battle, disband. There does not appear to be a limitation on what kinds of units are vulnerable to Seduce Unit (unlike their campaign-based Seductive Influence ability which only works on certain races), but the cost varies by unit (in a manner analogous to their multiplayer cost) and the Slaanesh player will have both a maximum Seduce Units Budget they can spend and a maximum number of units they can affect. These numbers will improve over the course of the game with technology upgrades, character skills, and buildings, as well as a particular Unholy Manifestation.

Gifts of Slaanesh[]

When you defeat an enemy Lord in battle, they also gain a Gift of Slaanesh. This is a trait that provides benefits to the Slaanesh faction that granted the trait (which is listed on the trait itself). This trait can be removed by defeating a Slaanesh army in battle with the affected character.

Gifts of Slaanesh trait details:

  • Seduce Units cost -10% (local enemy armies)
  • Devotees +5 per turn to the faction that provided the Gift
  • Slaanesh corruption +5 (local province)
  • Seductive influence with gifted character's faction +3 per turn

Post-Battle Options[]

Slaaneshi factions have a unique post-battle option, Create Vassal. Due to the importance of vassals for Slaaneshi factions, as well as the limitations of their Seductive Influence (see below), this would ordinarily make it quite difficult to continue making vassals after the midgame, as all the minor factions have already been gobbled up by majors. However, Create Vassal allows you to recreate a defeated minor faction as a Vassal when capturing a settlement that was previously their capital. It appears that this will also work on minor Chaos factions as well as Human and Elven factions, it is currently unknown whether it will work on other races (Ogres, Skaven, Dwarves, Lizardmen). Otherwise this ability yields the same rewards as the Subjugate post battle option, which is used to forcibly vassalize when defeating the last remaining settlement of a faction - notably, for Slaaneshi factions this provides a +500 Devotee boost as well as a small amount of replenishment.

In the Campaign[]

Seductive Influence[]

Unlike most other Chaos factions, the followers of Slaanesh have a strong diplomacy game to complement their battlefield prowess, and do not automatically start at war with Order factions. Slaaneshi factions can build up a unique resource, called Seductive Influence, with individual Human, Elven, and Beastmen factions. This is generated by each contact between the Slaaneshi faction and the faction in question, whether by diplomacy or combat, as well as via Cults, high Slaanesh Corruption, or the Gifts of Slaanesh. Different races have different inherent resistance to Seductive Influence, and the number of settlements possessed by a faction increases the overall amount of Seductive Influence needed to reach each tier of influence. Factions at higher Seductive Influence tiers are easier for the Slaanesh faction to manipulate, and at the final tier of Seductive Influence non-playable Factions can be forcibly vassalized.

Seductive Influence Tiers[]

The listed traits are gained by factions affected by Seductive Influence as their overall meter reaches certain thresholds, so bonuses or penalties apply to them (and not to the Slaaneshi player).

  • Suspicious (0-24% of maximum): Leadership +2 when fighting against Slaaneshi armies (all armies)
  • Curious (25-49% of max): Diplomatic Relationship with Khornate factions -10, Diplomatic Relationship with Slaaneshi factions +10, +1 Slaanesh corruption (all provinces), Leadership -4 when fighting against Slaaneshi armies (all armies), Resistance to Seduction +25%
  • Tempted (50-74% of max): Diplomatic Relationship with Khornate factions -20, Diplomatic Relationship with Slaaneshi factions +20, +2 Slaanesh corruption (all provinces), Leadership -8 when fighting against Slaaneshi armies (all armies), Resistance to Seduction +50%
  • Enthralled (75-99% of max): Diplomatic Relationship with Khornate factions -30, Diplomatic Relationship with Slaaneshi factions +30, +3 Slaanesh corruption (all provinces), Leadership -12 when fighting against Slaaneshi armies (all armies), Resistance to Seduction +100%
  • Enraptured (100%): Diplomatic Relationship with Khornate factions -40, Diplomatic Relationship with Slaaneshi factions +40, +4 Slaanesh corruption (all provinces), Leadership -16 when fighting against Slaaneshi armies (all armies), Resistance to Seduction -100%, non-playable factions vulnerable to forced vassalization (at a cost to the Slaanesh player of 300 devotees, and with a 10 turn cooldown).

Disciple Armies[]

Slaaneshi armies of at least 10 units have the ability to Summon Disciple armies in any province where Slaanesh corruption is >25, at the cost of 300 Devotees with a 5 turn cooldown. The size of the summoned army is equal to that of the summoning army plus 0-3 additional units (higher when the summoning army is smaller, lower as the summoning army approaches 20), the quality of the summoned army units is better in provinces with higher Slaanesh corruption (and appears to have no relationship to the tech levels present in the summoning army), and the level of the Herald leading the Disciple army matches that of the Lord of the summoning army. Disciple armies cannot replenish or have units transferred into them or out of them, cost their owner a small amount of Devotees per turn in upkeep (but no Divine Favor), and they take ongoing attrition inversely proportional to the amount of Slaanesh corruption in the province they occupy (with very high attrition in provinces with no Slaanesh corruption and no attrition in provinces with 100 Slaanesh corruption). This makes them somewhat analogous to Khornate Bloodhosts, but with higher defensive utility and lower offensive utility.

Pleasurable Acts[]

Each Slaanesh-controlled province gains the ability to activate the 3 Pleasurable Acts. Each act affects only the province it is activated in, has a duration of 5 turns, and an individual cooldown of 10 turns. You cannot activate another Pleasurable Act while a different one is currently active in that province. The three acts are Pleasure Arena, Pleasure Hunt, and Pleasure Party:

  • Pleasure Arena: costs 100 Devotees and 50 Control. Income from all local buildings +20%.
  • Pleasure Hunt: costs 200 Devotees. Control +20, Recruitment cost -25%, Recruit rank +2.
  • Pleasure Party: costs 2000 Divine Favor and 100 Devotees. Growth +50, Control +5.

Proliferate Cults[]

Sends your followers out into the world to establish cults on a ten turn cooldown. For a cost of 1000 Devotees (can be reduced by research, buildings, or commandments), establish cults in up to 3 random Human or Elven settlements anywhere on the map.






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