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A Slann Mage-Priest is a Lizardmen lord unit in Total War: Warhammer II.

Slann are powerful spellcasters that can only be recruited after performing the Rite of Awakening. In addition to all the normal spells of their lore, they all have access to the bound Banishment vortex spell from the Lore of Light, as well as Shield of the Old Ones and a more powerful version of Arcane Conduit. Their passive skills include regeneration, cause terror and get ward saves.

Lord Mazdamundi is a second-generation Slann Legendary Lord. Unlike him, other Slann do not get access to a mount and do not start as immortal. Their large size and slow speed makes them vulnerable high-priority targets. Only one Slann will become available to recruit with each instance of the Rite of Awakening, which means losing one before they attain the Immortality skill can severely set you back financially and time-wise. Each one obtained in campaign comes with a dilemma of lore choices as well as a generation trait, with older generations possessing better spellcasting buffs. Their initial recruitment level can be increased by constructing star chambers.

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