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Slann Mage-Priest (Life) is a Lizardmen lord in Total War: Warhammer II. These Slann mystics bring ruin to the foe's armies and devastation to its cities.


The favoured servants of the Old Ones, the Slann have considered intellect and magical abilities, and rule the Lizardmen as venerated Mage-Priests. Although not physically menacing - their bodies are toad-like with large heads and bulbous eyes - with a flick of their multi-jointed fingers, Slann can topple cities, engulf foes in flames or open vast rents in the ground below. Enemy Wizards find even the mightiest incantation they try to employ unravelling before them as Slann contemptuously waves its hand. The Slann see the world differently from other beings. Their orderly minds are constantly at work - deciphering complex problems and wandering the cosmos. They sit unmoving on their stone palanquins or in their Star Chambers, and to an outsider a Slann might appear asleep, or even dead. So deeply do they meditate that signs of life are hard to detect - their breaths are shallow and far apart, their eyes unblinking and vacant. Yet the Slann are attuned to more than mortals realise - for they can perceive the magic and raw disorder that has hung in the very air since the great influx of Chaos.





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Lizardmen armies are generally built around the monsters they can bring. They had acces to healing through the Bastiladon (Revivification Crystal) and Lore of High Magic, but the Lore of Life allows a caster to put out an immense amount of healing on all of those large single entity units. The Slann of life is invaluable if one is considering bringing any more than 2 large single entity units.