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Slaughterhorn Tribe is a playable Beastmen Warherd of the One-Eye.png faction introduced in the upcoming Total War: Warhammer II The Silence & The Fury DLC and led by legendary lord Taurox the Brass Bull. It is playable in campaign, custom battles and multiplayer.


Slaughterhorn Tribe are the vicious beastmen warherd that follow Taurox the Brass Bull, a great Minotaur blessed by Khorne, as he rampages around the world.

How They Play[]

For general information about how Beastmen play, see that page.

  • Bst rampage.png Taurox's Rampage and Momentum: Build Bst momentum.pngMomentum to increase Rampage, unlocking rewards. If Momentum drops to 0, the Rampage ends.
  • Replenish Movement: Spend Momentum to replenish Taurox's movement range to 100%, allowing for long Rampages
  • Juggernaut Raiding Stance: Taurox's raiding stance is upgraded to Juggernaut raiding stance, increasing movement range at the cost of income.
  • River of Blood: Taurox leaves a River of Blood after victories, decreasing leadership for non-Chaos races in the area.
  • Slaughterhorn Tribe uses the Beastmen unit roster.

In Campaign[]


It is represented by a number in the top center of the screen. It dictates how long a Rampage is sustained. As long as Momentum stays above 0, battle victories will accumulate Rampage Marks. But if all Momentum is lost, a Rampage must end and restart.

Gaining Momentum
  • Momentum is increased when a battle is won
  • On lower difficulties, Taurox may gain
Losing Momentum
  • Losing a battle
  • Retreating from a battle
  • Some is lost at the end of a turn, and when a Rampage ends
  • Activating Taurox's ability to replenish movement range.

Replenish Taurox's Movement Range[]

Taurox can spend 2 Momentum to replenish his movement range back to 100%. This allows him to continuously move and fight, provided he doesn't run out of Momentum (for instance by losing too many battles, or not having enough enemies around to fight).

  • A Harsh Rampage must be completed before this ability unlocks.
  • It is accessed via a small button near his character portrait in the bottom left of the screen.

Taurox's Rampage[]

The Rampage Bar and potential rewards can be viewed in the Taurox's Rampage panel, accessed by clicking in the top center of the screen.

  • As Taurox wins battles he earns Rampage Marks, which fill up his Rampage Bar.
  • As the Rampage bar fills, it passes through thresholds offering choices of rewards for the player to claim.
  • Rampage Marks continually accumulate until the Rampage bar is filled and the final gifts are claimed, upon which a new Rampage begins.
  • If Momentum ever reaches zero, the Rampage Bar empties completely.

Harsh Rampage

  • Eldritch Onslaught
    • Dread gained +50
    • Winds of magic reserve +15 (Taurox's army)
    • Army ability: Viletide (Taurox's army)
  • Unyielding Onslaught
    • Dread gained +50
    • Ward save +5% for all units (Taurox's army)
  • Bloodthirsty Onslaught
    • Dread gained +50
    • Passive ability: Bloodgreed (Taurox's army)
  • Horrific Onslaught
    • Dread gained +50
    • Enemy leadership -8 (Taurox's local region)
    • Enemy melee defence -8 (Taurox's local region)

Savage Rampage

  • Stampede of Spoils
    • Dread gained +100
    • Income from razing settlements +20% (Taurox's army)
    • Horde building construction cost -20% (Taurox's army)
  • Stampede of Dread
    • Dread gained +100
    • Dread gained from battles +25% (Taurox's army)
  • Stampede of Morrslieb
    • Dread gained +100
    • Solar Eclipse: Dark Moon event will trigger next turn
  • Stampede of the Chosen
    • Dread gained +100
    • Momentum cost to replenish campaign movement range -1

Cataclysmic Rampage

  •  ?
  •  ?
  •  ?
  •  ?

River of Blood[]

  • Taurox leaves River of Blood effects in regions where he wins battles.
  • These increase leadership for Chaos races, and decrease it for all other races.
  • River of Blood effects also increase Chaos corruption.
  • River of Blood can stack up to 2 times (3 times if Taurox picks a certain character skill) in the same region.

Faction effects[]

Juggernaut Raiding Stance[]

For Taurox's personal horde army, Juggernaut Raiding Stance replaces raiding stance. It increases campaign movement range, but decreases raiding income. Other horde armies in the faction have regular raiding stance.

Starting Location[]

Eye of the Vortex

Mortal Empires


Like all Beastmen factions, Slaughterhorn Tribe cannot trade.

Diplomatic traits[]

Eye of the Vortex

  •  ?

Mortal Empires

  •  ?

Starting agreements[]

Eye of the Vortex

Mortal Empires

Victory conditions[]

Eye of the Vortex campaign map[]

Vortex Victory:[]

  • Gain 500 marks of Ruination
  • Defeat the faction Ghost of Phauax
  • Win the final battle

Domination Victory:[]

  • tbc

Mortal Empires campaign map[]

Long campaign victory[]

Short campaign victory[]

  • At the start of your turn, have at least 500 Marks of Ruination
  • Win 100 battles
  • Raze or Conquer the following settlements: Naggarond, The Witchwood, Hexoatl
  • Win the following battle: The Fall of Man

Chapter Objectives[]


Rank Name Objective(s) Reward(s) In-game description
Primary objective
Bonus objective I
Bonus objective II
Bonus objective III
Bonus objective IV
Bonus objective V