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Southern Spine of Sotek is a small landlocked mountainous province located in the Lustria region, introduced in Total War: Warhammer II and available on the Eye of the Vortex campaign map.

It has two settlements, both with mountain Mountain.pngclimate, including its province capital, Mine of the Bearded Skulls, and the minor settlement Thrice-Cursed Peak.

Although a small province, it is abundant with resources. The province capital has deep iron Resource iron.png mines, and the minor settlement boasts rich gold Resource gold.png mines (or golden idols Resource gold idols.png for the Dark Elves Naggarond.png, Dwarfs Dwarfs.png, High Elves Eataine.png, Lizardmen Mon 256 Hexoatl.png and Tomb Kings Khemri.png racial factions).

The Mortal Empires equivalent of this region is called Spine of Sotek, which features different cities.


Eye of the Vortex[]

Settlement Type Port Climate Starting ownership Resources Special buildings
Mine of the Bearded Skulls Province capital No Mountain Mountain.png Ruins
Ironbrow's Expedition (when controlled by AI)
Iron Resource iron.png None
Thrice-Cursed Peak Minor No Mountain Mountain.png Ironbrow's Expedition Gold Resource gold.png or Golden idols Resource gold idols.png None