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Spearmen is a High Elves melee infantry unit in Total War: Warhammer II. All High Elves, both highborn and low, must defend Ulthuan to the last.


Long ago, in a time of desperate need, the Phoenix King Morvael introduced a levy system so that all Elves could be called upon to fight for the defence of their homeland. These levies were organised into companies based within their cities, towns and villages. Morvael accurately predicted the need for a well-organised but flexible army to defend Ulthuan in the troubled times ahead. This system has stood the test of time and remains the cornerstone of most Elven armies to this day. Every Elf, though he may be a craftsman, tradesman or artist in peacetime, must become a resolute fighter in times of war.


  • Anti-Large: Anti-Large: Anti-large units have an advantage against targets that are at least as large as a horse. This advantage can be a Modifier icon bonus vs large.pngdamage bonus against large targets or an attack that focuses on a very small area. However, some units are simply better against large targets because their attacks are slow and easy to dodge by skilled melee combatants.
  • Charge Defence Against Large Foes: When standing and bracing against a charge of large enemies (such as cavalry or monsters) this unit will negate the enemy's charge bonus.
  • Shielded: Shields have a chance of blocking arrows, bolts, rifle shots and similar small arms fire - but only in a forward facing arc.

Stat Overview[]

Spearmen have great leadership and melee defence along with great shields but they have poor HP and are expensive for low tier infantry. As spear infantry, they have a bonus/charge defence vs large. Their offensive stats are poor.

Spearmen have Martial Prowess, an ability unique to the High Elves. This ability gives them a large melee defence buff whilst their HP is above 50%.


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Spearmen are defensive infantry. They defend missile units, hold the line and serve as a deterrent against large foes. They don't usually win fights by themselves. Martial Prowess makes them a defensive powerhouse but when it deactivates they are easily killed.

Spearmen are the closest High Elf unit to a meat shield. So Spearmen are often used as cannon fodder to take damage for more expensive units. Without Spearmen (or a huge financial advantage) the High Elves risk being outnumbered and surrounded.