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Potion of Charoi

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|duration=9 Seconds
|effects=Replenishes hit[[File:Icon pointsstat health.png]]hitpoints of combatants<br/>+44% [[File:Icon spell ward save.png]] Damage resistanceResistance<br/>+30 [[File:Icon cooldown 26.png]]Ability Recharge (seconds)
'''Potion of Charoi''' is an [[Abilities|ability]] unique to [[Teclis]]
''Like Teclis before them, the deepest blue of night imbues the drinker with the stamina and strength they need to face down the foe.''
== Effects ==
* Type: Regeneration
* Duration: 9 Seconds
* Target: Self
* Replenishes hitpoints
* +44% Damage resistance
* +30 Second ability recharge