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Spellweaver (Shadows) is a Wood Elves lord unit introduced in The Twisted and the Twilight.


Elves are intrinsically magical beings. In most, this talent is too weak to be developed, presenting itself as occasional forebodings, but in truly gifted Elves, it can be shaped into a tool of great power. Such a boon is not without danger, for raw magic is a destructive thing if drawn upon unwisely. Whilst other Elves protect themselves from such ravages through ritual, the Spellweavers and Spellsingers of Athel Loren shield themselves by joining their minds to the forest’s sleeping consciousness.

As they practise a magical discipline both uncluttered by the stiff-necked morality of Ulthuani Mages, and untainted by the sadism of the Naggarothi, Wood Elf mages are able to draw upon both High and Dark Magic. The former is a legacy of the ancient tutelage their High Elf ancestors received, the latter a lingering aftereffect of Ariel’s long years during the Season of Retribution. Despite the Mage Queen's best efforts, every generation of Wood Elves since that time has yielded a handful of magi attuned to the dangerous path of Dark Magic. Thus far, none have succumbed to the same madness that claimed Ariel all those centuries ago, but it is impossible to say what the future will bring. In the meantime, Athel Loren cannot afford to reject such a potent resource.

So it is that mages sometimes take to the field in pairs composed of one Highweaver and one Darkweaver. Whilst the Darkweaver unleashes flesh-shredding storms of sorcery, her Highweaver counterpart employs High Magic to bolster their allies. Yet the Highweaver has another duty also. Should the Darkweaver show signs of being overcome by the sorceries she wields, the Highweaver becalms the Winds of Magic, shutting off the flow of corrupting power, and thus holding the incipient madness at bay — at least, for a while.


  • Forest Stalker: The Elves of Athel Loren gain bonuses to melee defence and accuracy while fighting within the forest.
  • Spellcaster: This unit can cast spells.






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