Total War: WARHAMMER Wiki

Stances can be adopted by armies on the campaign map. Different stances have different advantages and disadvantages. The stance button can be found in the bottom left corner of the screen when selecting an army - the same spot where the commandments button is found when selecting a settlement.

For most races, the default is to have no stance (Stance:None). This is the basic stance where armies can move and attack. A few races such as Beastmen and Skaven have special default stances.

Common stances[]

These stances are common to many races, though not all races can use all common stances.

  • None (default stance) - allows the army to move and attack.
  • March - gives extra movement range at the cost of not being able to attack.
  • Encamp - encamps the army, providing immunity to attrition and access to global recruitment. For hordes, this is how they construct buildings.
  • Raiding - raids the local area, reducing public order and providing income.
  • Ambush - hides the army to try to surprise an enemy army.
  • Channelling - increases the Winds of Magic in an area, granting more magic in battles.

Naval stances (Updated on 29/6/2020 for Version 1.9.1)[]

Only available to armies on the ocean.

  • Flank Speed - increases line of sight and movement range.
  • Full Speed - Some races appear to have 'Full Speed' listed instead of Flank Speed, giving +50% to movement only and Tired in battle.
  • Full Speed - increases movement range, unique to Black Arks.
  • Dread Expansion - supports nearby armies, unique to Black Arks.

Special stances[]

Some races have special stances unique to that race. In some cases these special stances replace one or more common stances.

Wood Elves
High Elves
Tomb Kings
Vampire Coast
  • Dig for Treasure