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Summons or spawned units are units brought onto the battlefield through magic spells (especially unique spells) or army abilities rather than being brought as part of a regular army. To balance the power of these abilities, summoned units will gradually lose health over time. In campaign mode, summoned units are not added into your army after a battle ends.


Most of these are classed as augment or explosion spells, but all summon new units.

Transformation of Kadon
Savage Dominion
Raise Dead
Awaken from the Grave
Command of the Unliving
Pestilent Birth
The Dreaded Thirteenth Spell
Beast Pack
Drowned Dead
Denizens of the Deep

Blacktoof's Conjuration


Stave of Ruinous Corruption
Arachnarok Eggs

Army abilities[]

The Menace Below
  • Spawns a unit of Clanrats, who burst forth from a tunnel. Available to Skaven at the cost of Food.
Feral Cold Ones
Geomantic Nexus
Eagle Sanctuary
Realm of Souls
Tzcatli's Sanctum
Beasts of Itzl
Summon the Sentinels

Unit abilities[]

Maternal Instinct
Lord of Undeath
  • Summons a controllable fake "image" of Alith Anar which does not cause damage. Alith Anar only.
Ghosts of the Past

Roused to Wrath